If you like Kpop and you have a wide range in music


Hey guys, if you do not like kpop, please exit out of this page, thank you.

So I am just posting this here if ever some would want to hear a different concept in Kpop. This is also one way to spread their popularity.

This is LOOΠΔ/LOONA and this is their new song “Butterfly” from their album “X X” (pronounced: multiple multiple)

They have different music types like Electro, Ballad and more! Check them out if you want!


Man if you watch twitch you going to hear all kind of music and I heard that song before it reminded of lean on song


if i’m gonna listen to a song then im gonna recommend one, and it’s gonna be Sunflower by Rex Orange County.
one of my friends listens to a great deal of kpop. he recommended Seniorita by (G)I-DLE.
one of my good picks for kpop is Love game by Lim Kim


Senorita is really good too

MuSt bE tHiRtY



That song makes me just wanna lie down on my hypothetical hammock outside my hypothetical countryside house in one hypothetical windy afternoon.