If you could start your VG experience again, which hero would you master and why?

So I personally spent my winter season mastering Skye. She’s now my most played hero and I’ve got a win rate of around 65% for the spring season.

The reason for my choice?

1- She’s got one of the most interesting kits in the game, she has a very high skill cap but once mastered its incredible fun. Her ult (which has a very low cooldown) is also incredible versatile offering an escape for you or your allies as well as an engage (peeling for your team is very satisfying).
2 - Her CP path hard counters tanky jungle bruisers like Alpha, Krul and Reim. It works well with the new CP items (DE/SF) and it can dish out a tonne of hurt in quick succession (not many are surving two barrages, syuri strikes and an ultimate).
3- Her WP path is viable, and enables you to kite and counter dive assassin comps as you’ll be able to attack and move, attack and move. Whilst not as strong as her CP path it’s certanly not weak (watch Dnzio at worlds if you don’t believe me).
4 - Whilst she’s rarely meta, she’s never potato, she sits in that happy zone where she’s almost always viable thanks to her kit diversity.
5 - She has very few hard counters, which can’t be fixed by switching build path from CP to WP.



  1. Kestrel’s Glimmershots take time to master for there is a delay in between and she can get caught out at the middle of one.

  2. in her CP path, If you get caught out by vision you are dead basically so you need to carefult about proper positioning.

  3. Her WP path can be body blocked so you have to mage sure you damage the oppnent you intend to.

  4. I love the macro plays you can make with her CP path, especially her stun and huge burst.

  5. Her ult is GLOBAL PEOPLE!!!

That’s it.

I used to have a 57% winrate with her but sadly it dropped to 45 after some very laggy wifi.

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Nice choice I enjoy kestrel but think I need to spend some time playing her, if you nail her CP path (Cozz) she’s the stuff of nightmares. And is their anything more satisfying that landing a snipe from the other side of the map to secure a kill? Mmmm… nope there really isn’t :slight_smile:

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Probably Baptiste…

I pick Bappy a lot, despite him not being a comfort pick for me. The main reason for this is that he’s so flexible: he has a viable WP, CP and Cap path. (fill mains will get me. When you’re early in the draft and your allies won’t indicate what roles they want). Also He’s good into a lot of heroes, especially the more annoying mobile ones (them Assassins)


Good call he is very flexible and has vile carry! Jungle and roam builds.

I’m still new but after playing with lyra I have been wishing i got bought her first

I wish I had spent more time with junglers, specifically Glaive and Krul. I see these two played as such powerhouses all the time, but I was never good at jungling. Finding the balance between tank and damage is always hard for me, so I think any heavy jungler.

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Vox because he’s meta no matter what

I would have loved to say Blackfeather. He was my all time favourite. However his kit was stripped so much he looks like a Chippendale…

Many heroes no longer have their identity,

However if I had to restart I would buy all mages and heroes functioning like mages (CP Idris).

I would master Lyra,Malene,Idris.

WP heroes don’t work for me with the exception of gwen and Kensei.

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