If you always expect last pick to roam, don't expect a troll free/good game

Content archived from the Original Vainglory forums - originally posted by @Vincitoria on 10th of April 2016 archived by @DragonBuster

First of all, I’m not advocating trolling in any way but, when you enter draft and then go “Oh that guy is last pick, lel he can support” you’re setting yourself up for a lot of trouble. Couple of things that this mentality brings:

-Worse drafts: First picking support is a strong drafting method and last pick is best saved for a good counter pick, so when you delegate last pick to support all the time you negatively affect your draft
-People out of their best role: Someone who aren’t the best at support but are a great carry is forced to support, they do one of the following:
A- Lock in a third carry
B- Lock in a roam hero but take igc and steal farm/ build damage
C- Dodge
D- Play roam (not a high chance)

Yes, we all know that “SEMC should make roaming great again!” Etc etc, but you can’t use that as an excuse to force an igc onto someone who can’t use it. I’ve played around 50 or so ranked games and I’ve seen an incredible amount of trolling on the enemy team coming from the people who last pick (compared to one occurrence on my team) I think there are even instances of support mains carrying just because they got first pick (even though their abilities at the hero are sub-par) So if you want to avoid trolls or bad games, I suggest being more flexible and patient in draft, wait to see what people softlock, don’t instalock carries if they don’t intend to roam and learn more roles. Would you rather try to win as a roamer? Or play to lose as a carry with a troll on your team?

Whether or not you listen to this is up to you but, if you get a troll or rager and its due to the above occurring, don’t say I didn’t say anything.
One last thing, don’t go into a solo queue match just to climb ranks, go into it intending to play well and have fun, it will reduce the saltiness from a loss and make wins more satisfying.