If VG partnered up with another MOBA, which hero would u like to see?

In my opinion, if VG ever did a partnership with any other moba, i hope it would be LoL.

We could allow them to use Ozo or Skye (Original Heros From VG) in their game and i would love, L O V E, LLLLOOOOO VVVVVVVEEEEE, to see Fiora in VG.

If u couldnt tell, i love sword heros (with elegance) in mobas. And i find both BF and Fiora has that. Except genji in Heros of the Storm… just ew

p.s i couldn’t find the “off topic” topic area thingy mcbob so pls no ban mods ;-;

None. Unique means unique

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I would like to see the most cancerous hero to ever be made (assuming that we are talking about mobile mobas) :
Just imagine, an auto locking ult which hits you 100% of the time and deals heavy damage + stuns, and the DAMAGE SCALES WITH DISTANCE, so trying to run is basically being one shot :slight_smile:

both of those replys makes me feel salty due to the fact y’all completely disregard what i was first asking smh

I’d like LoL’s Azir in VG. I like hard heroes, and Azir’s playstyle attracts me.

Salt mine that way

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ah, so hard heroes make you hard?

i’d want ivern bc of his unique junhling. the smite thing might need to be changed tho


This is gonna be pretty much impossible,but I would love to see SEMC partner with Moonton.Although I like vainglory for its graphics and gameplay,I never really enjoy the hero designs in this game(except malene,she’s beautiful).And what made me play mobile legends was the cool heroes in it.
An example is Lancelot and Alucard from MLBB,to me they are basically just a cooler (and more handsome) looking BF.

I could not possibly agree more.


Well, I miss launching Nukes and hearing that sweet sweet sound of “nuclear launch detected” and watching an entire base get turned into a barren wasteland. So I would like The Ghost from the original Starcraft.

ps: i know it’s not a realistic expectation. If this hero was made, one nuke could wipe out the entire enemy base in one move. I just think it would be pretty cool. and funny. lol.

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Aren’t Fiora and BF kinda the same just different gender though?I mean both of them have a unique accent,wear noble clothes and have two very similar abilities (one of them even with the same name)
Also Genji ain’t that bad,sure he’s cancer in both HOTS and OW,but he’s an assassin,what do you expect?We already have our own share of cancerous assassins (taka)…

Unrelated. I feel Mercy or Moira could fit in VG quite well. Imagine biotics orb floating to heal or damage and bouncing off. And the beam

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Ehmmm we have Ringo? Autolock Ult which guarantees a hit and the bastard has a 100% shield pierce… And burn over time on top…

The nuke isn’t the real problem lmao… The sniper rounds are insane…

If we were to get SC heroes

Anything from the Templar caste would do just fine…

  1. Never been one shot by a Ringo who had 3 offense
  2. It has quite a bit of cast time, it can be cancelled, and if used in teamfights is basically GG Ringo
  3. Doesn’t stun
  4. Doesn’t scale with distance.
    Cyclops is like, if you run away you die, if you don’t run away you get stunned while the entire team blows you into oblivion.
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I hope Vainglory partner up with Dota2 (SEMC and Valve)… Many things that SEMC can learn from Valve such as heroes, skins, and also mechanics… Especially heroes with unique skills… SEMC can earn much money without making the game into p2w terms

P.S I hate other mobile mobas, too many devs only duplicate each other for earning money, attribute or stat addition in any kind of features that can impact gameplay is the most hated one (no respect for devs and players who support and break the copyright law, thats all)

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sry for out of topic, but I cant mention all heroes in dota2 lol

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VG takes art realistically and alucard and lancelot looks like a generic playboy with swords(which they are) so…

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get how unrealistic they look…
Also how can a demon hunter and a prince be a “generic playboy”?

I want Kha’ Zix or Rengar, maybe even both.