Idk why but i laughed so hard at this

Im guessing they have no idea how to play her.

I didn’t have a clue of how to play Koshka when I first played her too. I used to hate getting stuck with her in battle royale. Although, once she clicked, and I understood that she was an early slaughter house and had a blast with her.

inb4 it’s just some salty kid who got destroyed by her

Inb4 they died in the tutorial to Phinn and they think Phinn is tier 0 while Koshka is tier 1337

I agree, they should change our Koshka into:

Perk: after using abilities, gain 999 move speed + move through walls
A. Insta kill someone.
B: Insta kill everyone.
Ultimate: auto win game.

Now Koshka is useful now. At least she is just useless before lv6.


Why were you scrolling through the comments?

Teleporting to vain crystal and YCNFing it to death would be hilarious…

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