I wrote a book on Vainglory!

Hey there guys, this is my first post here. I already shared this on Reddit, and it seems like this is yet another big Vainglory community so here it goes :smile:

TLDR; As a League of Legends veteran, I wrote a book on Vainglory to help people understand 5v5 gameplay and how to climb that ladder.

Here is the link: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuCXV1rlVcWeguV7I7ZfjsSCXH9bAw

If you had any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know :heart:



Hi and welcome to these forums!

First and foremost - well done. It takes a lot of time, effort, and generosity to be willing to write such a comprehensive guide for a gaming community. For that alone, you deserve praise and gratitude.

I have read the first 10 pages. I only managed to briefly scan the rest and review your chapter titles/table of contents. It appears you cover a lot of important topics and strategies - well done.

My first piece of constructive feedback is regarding advice you give to on page 6, under The Basics. You state “Aim for the perfect game, try not to die and analyze as much as possible.” Overall, I appreciate your strategical approach to the game. I agree that mechanics < teamwork/strategy. I do take issue with intentionally trying not to die. If a newer player reads that, it can encourage very passive play. Unless you’re on a team full of passive players (and you do mention turtling later, which is when this may work), a Ringo who is scared to engage because they want to avoid dieing, or a captain who disengaged too early due to fear of death - it really hurts the team and can cause you to lose a team fight you’d otherwise win. On many occassions, being aggressive in a team fight, even if it leads to your death, can do enough to help your team win the fight.

One small bit of contradiction is when you mention the importance of last hitting, especially as it relates to the importance of laning. That statement in itself is very true and I coulnd’t agree more. I personally consider last-hitting a skillful “mechanic” of the game, and a mechanic that has great importance. So, while strategy is very important as you mention, so is last-hitting (but you state strategy is more important, then go on to state how important farming and gold is to laning - which in itself is a stragey, but one that requires a good mechanic to successfully complete.)

Potential solutions: reword some of your opening statements on page 6. Perhaps encourage captain play for new users (generally, they’re harder to kill any ways) and staying with the team, focusing on healing. I find I can observe a lot about other junglers/carries when I am playing captain alongside them. I can pick up rotation tendencies, item builds, etc. Perhaps encourage better positioning (stay closer to your tower, stay behind your captain, etc) rather than just stating don’t die.

Finally, rather than a big blanket statement of strategy > mechanics, perhaps elaborate and make it a few more sentences. What strategies are important? What mechanics are most important to master first to accompany those strategies? Or, simply reword to say something along the lines of “the team with the best composition, rotations, and teamwork will always beat the team with less coordinated but more individually skilled players. Therefore, I recommend prioritizing learning the meta and overall strategies to a MOBA game over the mechanics”

I hope my feedback is helpful for you. Thank you for this great contribution to the VG and MOBA community! I look forward to reading the rest, and overall, I really enjoyed what I read. You break down laning as one should for those who want to become more competitive MOBA players. I appreciate the time and effort you put into this.

EDIT: While I haven’t gotten to this part yet, I love the fact that you have a section/chapter dedicated to “mindset”. SUPER important in MOBA. I often feel a player or team wins or loses the game before it even starts based on their mindset. The “I need to carry the team this game” often leads to quick tilting, tunnel-vision playstyle, and a losing effort. I look forward to reading what you talk about there!

I read your notes on mindset - great stuff and I couldn’t agree more. Well said!

Hey @Lebatron, thanks a lot for the feedback! I surely should clarify some things, it’s really hard to know what to assume when writing.

I get your worry about making new players play too passive. It seems that might require it’s own section. It’s a delicate topic, finding balance between aggression and passivity. If you are too passive, you might miss an advantage, yet if you are too aggresive, you risk throwing advantages.

As for the mechanics thing, good catch! It would be good to explain that a bit more, I think just mechanics is quite a generic word and might lead to ambiguity.

What I meant on that part by mechanics was not so much farming, but the ability to get away with things where most people can’t, just by clicking stuff and pressing buttons. Players with insane “mechanics” like Doubelift and of course Faker. Perfect positioning and focusing, smooth movement and skill rotations, perfect prediction of enemy movements as well as quick reaction time, etc.

All in all, great stuff. Thanks for all the feedback :smiley: I will surely incorporate it into the next version. Cheers!