I wonder how to get - in our IGN

In my country, there is a tournament of Vainglory, and when I watched the streaming, I saw this… How to earn “-” symbols in our in-game nickname? If I’m not mistaken, symbol beside alphabetic is forbidden #cmiiw

sry, i dont know where this topic suppose to be

Moved this to help as you are asking how to get something i personally have no clue

You can get them through the Vainglory Content Creator Program, which has tiered rewards based on how widely your content spreads. If you’re making content already, or are interested in making some in the future, you might want to check it out. Here’s the link, with info:


You can also travel back in time to where you also couldve put - and _ when changing your name.


This is actually good evidence for why time travel to the past doesn’t exist. We’d have a lot more - and _ right now if it did.