I was right. Stutterstepping is easy af in joystick

So i was watching a youtube video about stutterstepping with the joystick and it seems a little too easy. Maybe joystick gonna be the new meta? xD


tell me something i don’t know. Joystick has made the game accessible to everybody. Auto attacking combined with holding the Dpad the other direction is effortless stutterstep and kiting.

Seeing the videos, I wouldn’t really call it easy.

1v1 with no other thing to attack may be the only time it is truly easy.

But in any situation where there are multiple targets going in and out of your attack range it most certainly will be harder than touch controls.

where there are multiple targets is where it will shine the most. Din’t you watch the video? it auto attacks prioritizing lowest health heroes first.

Oh cool! That means that if they are behind 2 enemies you will be stuck attacking them! Or if they leave range, well then you start hitting a hero not low on health!

My my, what an extreme advantage over a touch user who can switch targets much faster! Not to mention automatically attacking with touch when you select a hero, instead of touch a hero to target and race your thumb back to the attack button!

No u can tap and select normally with touch n then stutterstep them with joystick

From the subreddit, on a post based on this, a reply by SurpriseBirthday:

There are two concepts often confused:

  • Orb walking a part of all MOBAs and RTS’s, it is interweaving movement with default attacks to maximize your mobility while attacking at as close to 100% efficiency as possible. This video demonstrates how easy it is to orb walk by moving and spamming the attack button. While orb walking is novel to players new to the genre, it is considered second nature to all experienced MOBA players, and isn’t viewed as anything particularly impressive or difficult to do.

  • Stutter-stepping is a Vainglory-specific mechanic that grants higher attack speed when you manually time every default attack at exactly the right moment. If you try to attack too early, the bonus window is lost for the next attack and can no longer be recovered (think Active Reload mechanic from Gears of War, but really really fast). In this video, the player is failing every single stutter-step because he is spamming the attack button non-stop.

Lets say your normal attack speed is one every 1.0 second. Stutterstep allows you to manually issue an attack at 0.8 seconds, effectively attacking sooner every single time. However, if you tap too early, say at 0.7 seconds, then your next attack will be forced to wait the full 1.0 second, even if you tap again at the correct timing 0.8 seconds. A single failed attempt closes the window of opportunity until the next attack. Hence, spamming == no stutter-step bonus.

Stutter-stepping exists because Orb-walking (as demonstrated here) has such a low skill ceiling. It adds an layer of “rhythm under pressure” and “risk of failure” to orb walking. With joystick controls, the same rules apply: Try to attack too early and you miss the bonus speed.


The skill that took years to master will be by default on for everyone… nice job. Now every noob will maximize saw/ringo/etc potential without even an hour of pracrice.

that would be a disaster if you want to kite approacing rona/taka/koshka while there’s another target with lower health nearby.

It isnt that hard to manually select target. :slight_smile:

yeh it has it’s negatives. but in most situations, lowest health heroes will be the ideal target.

Finding the ideal range will also be taken out of the skills needed.

there’s also the attack minion button, from the video, it doesn’t seem to prioritize lowest health minion, rather it targets the closest. So last hitting is still a skill needed.

the worst case is the lowest hp is captain ardan with half health and he assisting taka chasing you

Ardan supporting any hero is always an uphill battle. You can still manually target. lol.

So isn’t all that a good thing?

It isn’t hard to control by normal touch controls but somehow people think it is so joysticks were born on a touchscreen

That’s fucking lame, literally removing any skill factor from the game!

This needs to be a copypasta


I did say that yes. I also pointed out it is slower to do on analog than touch, and that when your enemy leaves range it defaults.

Ya know what i just realized? this opens the possibility of using a Tap emulator and cheats, like the old days of playing consoles (remember those custom controllers with turbo hold?)

Somebody could use a program to tap every 0.8 seconds (or whatever is the ideal stutter step is) when you hold the attack button.

with tap touch the ever changing target would make this impossible, but now it is. lol

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There’s a reason why the Vainglory community feels that touch is superior to joystick.
It is.
It still will be.
It will never not be.
That doesn’t mean that joystick shouldn’t be added to the game.