I Want To Know

…what makes Vainglory player salty?

Doesn’t matter whether they are still playing or not, casual, competitive, noob, pro, e-sport fan etc.

I’m really curious to see what makes players tick. At least, what our forum members are willing to say here.

For me, I know I’m salty when these things happen related to VG.

  • Another player AFK’s in a match where teams are balanced.
  • A problematic aspect in the game, be it a broken hero, item, talent or bug; does not get ‘a fix’ and/or is not acknowledged (by that the devs say whether it’s hard to fix or it is not a priority with good reasons).
  • People rage pinging each other in-game.
  • When players in-game simply does not stick together when pinged “Stick Together!”
  • VG players posting things that are valid but too often repeated to the point of being an echo. (Mainly on the VG subreddit).
  • Players posting threads demanding something to be returned without first seeing reasons as to why such a thing was removed in the first place and offering no alternative sound solutions (such as the card-based skin crafting system).

What makes you feel like spewing salt into the fires of rage? Vent down below!

For me? People being bad—bad as in not helping in team skirmishes, being excessively passive to the point where it causes people to die, not taking objectives and instead focusing on kills, and blaming me for them sucking at the game.

Intentionally exploiting broken heroes to climb knowing full well the magic of mobas is the combination of player skill and system support.

And, claiming to be “good” by spamming said broken cheat in every possible gm there is.

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It’s simple. When players give up. We’ve all seen it. Suicide runs to the turret. Buying all boots/mines/whatever. It’s the worst.

At a minor level, it’s this patch for me. I was filled with hope. I like some of the UI changes and some new features. The change to captains has muddled the game. For a MOBA to be great, you need clearly defined roles. It seems like every hero is a hero killer. What happned to healers? What happened to SIEGERS? (that can hardly exist in VG with the large turret buffs). What happened to disablers? Everyone is either burst or sustain, but damaging. I’ve always felt this game has too many heroes, and it’s inevitable what has happened and what will continue to happen. Imbalance. The same 4-6 heroes banned. The same 10-15 picked. The other 25 are ignored and lose their identity.


@anon53431234 I see that pretty often. Some players are just super passive or aggressive.

I had a game just today where I abused Lorelai’s extra stun increase busted Epic Talent, but my teammates just ran instead of finishing off the near 5-second stun enemy. =__=


@Skyefall I would say intentionally exploiting a broken hero or item or such is ok if that player doesn’t rely on it entirely. By that I mean they’re just abusing cause its easy games and is the flavor of the month.

To me, a not very skilled player abusing such things to climb is… iffy. If they learn from it, it’s fine. I feel the problem starts when the abusable thing gets patched up and they start complaining about how the patch affected them, falling down the ranks and blaming others for their downfall when it was clearly their own fault for abusing something broken to climb to where they don’t belong. It’s these types that don’t learn to improve themselves and learn while climbing that gets me peeved. Stop complaining if you’re abusing something that was patched!


@Lebatron Ah, those that give up are annoying, even if they just stay at the base. The ones that actively try to lose the game after they give up should get dumped into LPQ forever.

As for the meta, I think it is the way it is because of the faulty design of the map, particularly the mirroring and jungle; and the drastic changes they keep making each patch that results in a meta never really stabilising to where they and the community want it to be.

When people spout their meta know how to players in draft talking about ‘we lost’ already and they happen to end up being the reason we lost.

And when trolls get mad when you troll them back.

Gonna steal buffs intentionally and come to my lane and ping me because you think my pick sucks, then promptly walk into a gank and feed MY opponent? Gonna blame me for your mistake? Gonna abandon your whole team come team fighting time because you think you got pro solo strats? I’m never gonna save you. For the rest of the match, I’m gonna let you walk into every stupid situation that I know you cannot rationally blame anyone else for and ‘smiley’ until you never ping me again. Learn your lesson and never be a pompous butt hole.

I know I could stay silent and just go for the win but I love that feeling when people stop pinging exasperated faces and start pinging ‘don’t give up’ after they realize I was actually doing good and making good calls. I love the feeling when a teamate who persistently abandons you all match starts pinging ‘lets team fight’ after you stop trying to help them. And I love ignoring the pings of people who ignore mine constantly, especially those who smiley face after you struggle when all they needed to do was help. I can be mean myself too but hey, don’t start a war you can’t finish. The only thing I give them is I never fully throw a match. I just go do other stuff that needs to be done so they know how much me trying at full potential is missed, and I only ever help in teamfights that I don’t have to tryhard in to help my teamates win. You wanna blame me? You’ll notice me when I’m gone.

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Mainly broken hitboxes/being displaced. No better feeling than dodging that Celeste stun only to be magneted back into it stunned or that turret using it’s dark magic to suck your soul and disable your movement and costing your death for literally no reason.

While carrying your team dying once and getting the smile and thumbs up from the 1/8 dude. Like man you’re feeding your ass off the entire game. Am I not allowed a death? Nobody pinged you how about you keep it to yourself? It’s not the pings. I don’t mute them because pings don’t make me tilt. It’s like their way of thinking that makes me wonder. Do they really not realize they’re being carried and they failed at their job. How does it make sense for them to ping?

That guy who always spams surrender when he dies. Great dude. I know you’re the only one allowed to play but I’d appreciate it if I could see my damn screen (thanks SEMC for not fixing the UI). Since I play on PC it doesn’t take almost half of it anymore but it disables my quick shop. I mean if they don’t wanna play they should just not queue.

When someone pings “Stick together!” or “I’m not ready!”. 99% of the time it’s used by people that don’t actually help the team aka don’t join the fight or go 1v5 and then “Stick together!”. The not ready one is tilting me because of 3v3 memories. EU used to be SOOOOO passive. I literally gift those laners kills. They’d stay 1 meter away from 1 HP target and still farm minions. And they keep pinging “I’m not ready!”. They were never ready.

Basically the same thing goes goes for laners in 5v5. When I rotate to your lane and attack I’d really appreciate it if you actually didn’t let me die outnumbered… You know because I actually came to save you in the first place…


True, after 5vs5 release the lag is a lot more frequent and with stronger effect. This really leads to silly death (but important for the match ones) or missed skill shots. For example you try to land lance A just to be “teleported” to another location and miss the skill shot. This goes for a lot of heroes that are not DPS and have some form of skill shot, but the others suffer from teleportation and silly death, so it’s still not great.

I rarely play a match without any lag, something that was almost all of my matches prior 5vs5 (didn’t had lags). It’s not a problem on my end(GPON 75Mbit/s and no packets lost from my ISP side) and tested from different connections.

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Nice! Very good points I’d say.


@Bobmax Broken hitboxes eh? I remember when Kestrel used to shoot logs. She did it before Hanzo, lol.

As for the other points, I agree. I’ve experienced them myself too at times.


A few more things that make me salty.

  • Mages not buying Clockwork.

I get it, you want to spam your abilities. But that means jack shit if you have no energy to speak of!

I hate it when the ability reliant carries don’t pick up Clockwork first when they run into energy issues cause they spam too much. Stop going for heavy damage items if you spam and don’t land 99% of your shots!

  • The one guy that brings down the whole team for being absolutely uncaring.

There was an idiot that was the first player in line too. He banned ok, and I thought his Magnus pick was ok too.

Halfway through the match, I say a weapon blade in his inventory and I thought “Oh no…”

Turns out my fears were right… He build Aftershock, Dragon’s Eye, Tension Bow, Stormcrown and Halcyon Chargers…

The others were superb, especially the Adagio who had stated what he wanted to do (which was roaming to the sides and helping out) and WP Petal carried like she’s on steroids or something.

I had a suspicion that the Magnus was kind of bad when I had to carry him mid as a Lorelai too.

Sigh, sometimes I wish I have the ability to Thanos snap these kinds of players into elo hell even if it’s casual queue.

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Certain heroes that are tedious to play against and the players themselves being bad. Also when people play broken heroes (not op ones) and they win just because of that. And finally, the MM.

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Tedious heroes I’ve played against were Lyra when her range and slow was strong, Skye on release, Varya on release, Baron in general (regardless of his nerfs, he is super annoying to fight), Petal when she gets super fed (and goes attack speed over 9000 on my ass), and Lance (a decent Lance is stupidly hard to fight against). In relation to this, these heroes are also ones I consider that if the player is bad, they are pretty much doomed.

Broken heroes winning is a norm when there is one. I hate them just as much, but I’m not salty much about it cause I have accepted that there will always be such cases.

And yeah, MM is just shitty. Now that we can view through APIs like vgpro, there’s hard evidence to back up just how shitty mm is.

For me tedious heroes are CW (just stop chaining me in lane every single time), Lorelai (can I just play??) and krul.

What annoys me me about the broken ones are when they are brain dead ones and doesn’t require any skill to use.


Recently I had some weird experience. First it happened to my friend. He was at Ghostwing but on the back side so in jungle. Suddenly enemy Lance impales and he’s teleported and rooted on the other side of the Dragon area lol. Then it happened to me but I wasn’t teleported that much. Just like 8 meters. Not that it’s not much but at least I didn’t wall jump.

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I don’t think any hero needs CW first item though. It deals no damage. No matter how much they could spam. It’s just bad energy management if they are always out of energy. But most heroes can do without energy/with t1 battery at least until 1st tier 3 damage item.


I dont get salty much, and i pretty much exclusively play in full parties so i dont face many bad or toxic teammates. But what ticks me off is smurfing and account sharing, playing with an accout with a skill tier lower than your actual skill. Especially in SEA, many VG gold players play on multiple accounts and smurfs, and there are also EA pro players playing in SEA sometimes. Their accounts would be POA or VG bronze, but they play at a level of VG golds. Yet i lose a shit ton of elo when i lose against them and gain so little when i win.


a lot of smurfs of VG golds in EU too, they just don’t stop creating smurf accounts and when they reach silver --> next one. Like they genially feel good to ruin other people’s games. As it’s not fun for all the 9 people in the server - the enemy team feels like total noobs, while his team feels useless as he literally 1vs5.

L3oN explained why. It’s not because they enjoy destroying the experience of other players. Right now the MM pairs lower tier players with the higher tier players, so, although it shouldn’t work, last season he made around 20 new accounts to get matches with the higher level players. He also saw that the higher he climbed, the less high tier players he gets matched with, so he had to make new accounts. As I said, it worked. That’s also the reason why he no longer grinds the elo.

Here’s a little something that made me not salty:

So I don’t capt in draft often unless I’m in a party. I’ve found it generally not worth it in terms of my teamates doing their job and generally playing safely enough for me to make up for their mistakes. We had a draft where I blatantly told everyone I’m not gonna capt no matter what you pick, as I was tilted from captain and having a terrible team. I mean gwen in mid AND she was using no cams? C’mon now.

So, in this game, I forget who was picked but we had like 3 junglers and 2 laners. People started whining. A couple people were like w.e., it’s cool. I’m like don’t give up guys just play. They actually didn’t dodge. We kinda struggled early but by mid to late game we STOMPED enemy team handedly. Teamates listened to each other. We rotated objectives properly. We all had a good game despite the fact that I had to urge the team not to dodge or give up so often. Oh AND I think that was the midlane gwen game actually. So useless. Running into teamfights pinging me because she wanted to 2v4 like a dolt and I’m like ‘no, no…you can go die by yourself’.

Anyway, point is, we won a weighted match against us and worst part was the enemy team was coordinated and good, we were just better even without a capt. Actually point being?

You don’t even need a capt as long as you play carefully. They’re there to make up for your mistakes, boost you up, and protect you. Which inherently means if you’re not doing well in the first place there ain’t jack that your captain can do for you. Play better my friends.

Heheheh, I havent laughed for something that wasn’t supposed to be a joke.

It seems they changed it now a bit too. Before it would stutter you for decades. Now it just kinda teleports you to the other side of the object on the map and it’s hilarious to actually use as a strat, because no matter where you aim a skill shot at the end of the teleport, the skillshot trajectory is from whatever side of the object the ability started on.

Simply, you can aim a SAW B from one side of a turret and be teleported to another side and out of an enemy attack, but if you aimed right the enemy still gets hit by your full stream of bullets, but they look like they are coming from where you teleported to. It’s actually become one of my favorite ways of throwing enemies off and dodging abilities in turret pushes even though it’s technically still a glitch, because your body moves but the ability stays i.e. instant mobility! And a free, sometimes invisible skillshot!