I want to create these items for the store

Sometimes things come to mind that could help SEMC in the game…one of them is the creation of new objects and is that maybe there are enough objects but I think that some objects like this would not be bad:

(1) +25 armor
+25 shield
Active Ability: Returns the hero for 5 seconds invisible (180 seconds of Cooldown)

(2) +10 True damage per basic attack
Active Ability: Increases the strength of the lane minions by 15% (for 120 seconds)
(300 seconds Cooldown)

(3) +45 Weapon
Passive: Your next 2 abilities steal 35% of your life from the total damage of each ability.
You have to use 2 skills for the Cooldown of this passive to start. (180 seconds of Cooldown)
Active Ability: Makes the Treant that gives life by killing him accompany you to the lane against the enemy until he dies (180 seconds of Cooldown)

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The wording for these items seems confusing, but Imma give feedback based on what I think they do.

1: I am guessing that just feants invisibility for 5 seconds. I don’t think an item should have this kind of effect as there are some heroes that can really abuse this ability (Cough Leo Cough)

  1. I think this would be a bit too strong for captains considering their already high base damage and buffing the lane by 15% gives it a ton of utility for a nice little buff. I’d prefer bringing back the minion candy.

  2. Granting 35% vampirism to 2 abilities (Which I will assume stacks with your current vampirism and goes over the cap) seems extremely strong even if it is on a rather large cooldown. The active ability is really interesting, but should instead go into a hero’s kit. It also does not correlate to the other effect in the slightest.

Then let’s see if it’s better that way:
(1)Invisibility lasts 2.5 seconds.
(2) Instead of giving a 15% buff to the minions you create a big minion but the Cooldown goes from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.
(3) When buying this object you cannot buy objects that have vampirism, if you want to buy another object, this is sold for 40% of the purchase price of this object.

In addition, I think that some rare objects would be good for the game, I think that it is not necessary that all the objects of the shop of the game have the attributes in synergy.

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Reading this, i had a different interpretation to what @NinjaBryden thought.

Basically what I thought was you’d sacrifice 35% of your current LIFE to gain an additional +45 Weapon Power to your next 2 abilities.

Kinda like a Berserk / Enraged mode. which if you ain’t careful, will kill yourself.


It’s fun to throw out ideas, but honestly the limiting factor for SEMC adding items is not ideas, but testing. It’s less about if the item is a good or fun idea, and made about if it fits in the item ecosystem, and game in general. Echo for example was really fun, and actually quite possible to balance. The issue is that it allowed you to abuse AOE crowd control and throw out more threats than Crucible could handle, Breaking the game integrity. With that in mind let’s dive in:

This item presumably builds of out Warmail. It’s insanely weak balance wise (what is that cooldown). No one would ever purchase this.

Honestly I don’t think the game needs an item that grants stealth, and the stats you e chooses for it are strange.

That true damage is both pretty toxic, and pointless. 10 true damage on a t3 item (that somehow grants no stats) does nothing. On the flip side of this, increasing the damage would make this a really frustrating item, pretty comparable to old stormcrown where certain heroes could abuse the damage.

I like idea of a fairly long cooldown minion pushing item. But honestly for a more than likely captain item, it needs stats and build path or it’s not really a complete idea.

Why does this give a tiny amount of WP. What does this even build out of?

Honestly it’s an interesting idea. I don’t understand what following to lane means. What if you continue to clear jungle. Or go to lane then recall? I feel like it should just follow you around, no? Honestly an item like this needs a lot more refinement of its mechanics before it could even be considered.

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How about a rework to teleport boots?

Make it less for backdooring and a viable boot.

So after 75 seconds, you have the option of activating your boots to get a sprint equal to travel boots.

However, if you don’t consume after 75 seconds, your boots will charge to 150 seconds (you wait 65 more seconds) to get a tp boot.

This will give an element of decision making. Do you position carelessly, and rely on a pretty long cd to sprint, or play safe and get tp, to blink into team fights?

A question I’m anticipating is can you access the sprint charge if you charge tp. The answer is no. If you want a more reliable sprint, choose another boot.

When you first buy the boot, you get the tp boot charge unlocked.

+200 gold to cost (1600 in total iirc numbers correctly)

Honestly that would either break or still not be enough for TP boots. The item itself has the curse of the Niche just like Nullwave Gauntlet…

Boots are a big part of VGs identity and they can even change the tide of the battle so giving TP boots two optional actives is incredible strong. I would rather have them make TP into another item besides boots.