I want to buy prints of splash art


I don’t usually write letters like this, but now knowing that there are a few of you here roaming our forums, I thought maybe one of you would see this. Even still, the community will likely echo their thoughts here too.

You should honestly let us buy splash art, in variations. Posters, wall scrolls, even postcards - I’d go as far to say stickers. (I’d take a large mouse pad, no joke).

The work is insane. The art that comes from your team is phenomenal.

We had a thread once talking about merch we’d like to see, and, as soon as I have some spare money to my name I’m going to go get some VG merch (looking at you, Skaarf plushie). But there’s really not a lot there. Just a few T-shirts, I think there was a hoodie, and again, that plushie.

I’d rock that art everywhere. Let me buy it.


Hell yeah

give me that summer party kestrel poster mmmmmm


what about gladiator catherine or LB Bf >_>

We have a gaming area in our new house, and the plan for the walls there is to put up prints of the games we play together – though it’s certainly not original, I got the idea when I saw a canvas print of the Overwatch box cover on Blizzard’s web store. (I bought the print: it’s gorgeous.)

I totally agree, SEMC should do this. It’s EASY – it just requires someone in Marketing (their weakest area, unfortunately) to set up something with Zazzle or wherever: boom – prints, shirts, mouse pads, etc. can be created on demand.

BTW ...

Yes, Vainglory is getting a canvas print for my house’s gaming area wall … I’m still trying to figure out what the image should be …


Pretty sure they sold caps at one point too (with the role symbols on them) but yeah it’s still not really enough. I’d buy wall scroll, a mouse pad, a whole set of stickers.

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Amen! My kids and I would be in on this. It seems a little crazy, how hard it is to get swag, aside from the basic shirts.

Totally agree with you. And by not doing it themselves or getting third parties to do it on a commissioned basis third parties are doing it on an uncommissioned basis.

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