I think silvernail will be a strong counter to dive heros

Rest in peace Glaive, You won’t be missed.

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i still expect some degree of positioning skill to pull off the moves shown.

i wonder why people aren’t talking about his perk more:
it’s the first time ever in any hero where attack speed stacks will make the perk pop more often. can you imagine his late game? slows, silences and stun with the ult?

here’s a hero for @Gatorrex to mess around with with the 6 tornado trigger montage.


Uh…Gwen the almost useless ADC forgotten officially?

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Gwen is bugged. has been for a long time. her perk is a burst of damage, which is counter intuitive to critical hits damage, which is basically the same thing.

basically a ringo ( or any attack speed hero) building CRIT = free gwen perk.

Um…I’m taking about this…?

And I agree with you,why bother reworking Ozo,a perfectly ok hero,and not rework those who need it like Gwen

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And almost all assassins (except Anka), and warriors (not only Glaive)… another reason to make a full range team.

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Depends on the ratios, as usual. Attack speed vs WP damage is already the trade-off. Stacking attack speed to utilize his perk means you get even more attacks with mediocre damage each.

I guess the question is how his perk interacts with Poisoned Shiv and potentially crits. But it’s not necessarily a game-changer - just uninspired from a development perspective.

i’m pretty sure it’s a standard double AA. nothing fancy.

like what people are saying, it’s like Baron’s B without the jump… and we all know how devastating Wp Baron with Crit is right…

Whoa no way Silvernail looks like a good counter to dive no waaaaaaaaaaay. How long did it take for you to figure that one out?

On a less spiteful, sarcastic note; GOD DAMNIT SEMC. Learn your god damn lesson. We do NOT need more CC in Vainglory. ESPECIALLY on a ranged WP damage dealer. Don’t you remember how broken Kinetic was last patch? And this patch? Oh and you didn’t nerf her (??? what the actual shit ???) so next patch too. Playing melee characters, especially damage dealing ones, is slowly become less and less worth it because of all the fuckin peel abilities in the game that can be on a single 5v5 team. In this patch, you might have
Kinetic Bot
Celeste Mid
Cath Top
Glaive Jungle
Phinn Captain
That’s not even a comp particularly geared towards countering melee characters, but 4 stuns, a root, a silence, FH and pulls. F U N.

More on this coming soon.

Also the fact that Silvernail’s B is so boring is a testament to how bonkers his A is.


His A is as stacked as Fishpond/Sigil…

No, it’s more stacked than fishpond… (Lorelai A?) about the sigil… sure, it does a lot of things, but doesn’t have 3 types of cc in just one ability.

More like mini bulwark…
Combination of slow and stun

Better that bulwark: it slows and prevents dashes, but his A also silenced both abilities (all of them) and items, which is huge.

Additionally, Silvernail doesn’t have to compromise his position to utilise his A, even though Lyra needs to stand in the middle of Bulwark to keep it up.


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His positioning is going to be so important to playing him successfully. With no reliable escape, he really needs to bait out the enemy really well to fall for his traps and really commit to the fight.

Small correction there: Lyra does not need to remain within her Bulwark. It has a set duration, and once dropped, Lyra can leave (even teleport out).
You may be confusing it with Ardan’s Gauntlet, in that respect.

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Mm, whoops. I don’t play Lyra, mb.
Doesn’t change the fact she has to be in the middle of it when it forms though. She puts herself in danger when she uses it.

Ah, finally a hero BF can take out better than Kensei!

Lol it’s like instant and it slows people too so Lyra is most safe when using it. Lyra’s positioning should always be bad so she can put enemies into a bad position.

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Wp ratio down on his b from 100% to 30% I wonder what other things they changed

From latest patch