I think SAW's actually great to play again this patch

Quite some time ago,I made a post talking about SAW’s viability last patch.Well I got something new to talk about him this patch.
Since the introduction to the new items,I’ve been having fun testing captain builds,and most of the time I had SAW on my team(from where I live,instalocking SAW is very popular for some reason),but after playing so many games with/against SAW,I came to some conclusions.
Most of the time,a SAW will either go heavy defense and breaking point or just slumbering husk and full offense.The biggest weakness of SAW in the past is his lack of mobility.But now with the new slumbering husk and pulseweave,SAW actually has significantly more survivability than before.Capacitor plate/rook’s decree on pretty much any captain also made SAW really hard to kill now.
I’ve personally tried a couple of games with SAW myself with someone else playing Phinn.We bought the items I mentioned above,and my death score was 0~2 deaths in those games,which is a miracle for what I’m playing.

Saw has never been bad… I have played Saw, seen good Saw players and seen Saw trolls. I do agree the new items are really good. So many heroes (pretty much all) feel more tanky.

Captain Saw is still seen as a really trollish move… lol. I haven’t tried it. yet.

still, see one, gank up on him first thing

Pulseweave BP TT TM TM JB SH seems like a more mobile saw.