I realised, Adagio is strong for mid lane

Long range! Slow buff, attack buff!

Wp adagio is insane, CP adagio is tricky but he does the job too if played and positioned well.

I never cared to play adagio… until someone told me to pick him as captain for 3v3 and i found him fun…

Decide to test Adagio in casual as I am unfamiliar with him… been a long time since I played Adagio…

I managed to take down Reza, celeste and baron… 1v1 obviously… I can even take down taka…

In team fight is tricky… I fight from backline, healing in front and then apply attack on myself… those enemies with low health… i rush over, health buff to slow them and use my ult…

I have never seen anyonr play Adagio in mid lane in rank and I think from now on, I will…

There weren’t several threads on the topic no…

Dude seriously?

There was even a pro build…

I didn’t see a wp adagio since 3.0… The whole purpose of cp adagio mid is to snowball mid out of control otherwise you’re wortheless since you’re outranged, out damaged and you’re too slow to trade with the enemy mid laner. Heroes with so strict win conditions are usually not viable in solo q so there is no reason to pick adagio over celeste sam skaarf varya and anka

He’s especially good with Kensei who is only good right now because Phinn is popular. The barriers Kensei gets from AA Phinn is nasty.

I used to play WP Adagio a lot in 3v3. It was very good, especially with his old range. (It’s still good range)

I could see how that would work.

Exactly this. The reason you play cp adagio mid is that you’ve got a stronger early game than every other mid laner, you scale rather decently into the mid game and should have snowballed by then. If you don’t, you are pretty much useless because the enemy mage would have come online by then. A pretty okay pick if your team is coordinated and you manage to win all lanes, otherwise it’s pretty bad because you can’t really solo carry with him late game unlike say Celeste or vary a.

i didn’t check often …

30 chars

I’ve played quite a bit of CP adagio in the past,but I never gave WP a chance and I treat it like a troll build to the 1/100 people that play it(PS:they sucked).

So how is it good besides being the longest range auto attacker?Your healing is weak while your boost and ult scale with CP,I just don’t see how it’s good compared to every other WP carry out there.

But I might be missing something,someone care to share?

Not stronger than Samuel.

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Heroes with really strict win conditions are not a good fit for solo q, more often than not your teammates won’t play according to it. You can play samuel instead who has insane presence in the early game but still scales really well into the late game

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WP adiago can build crit and some speed and with his A slow plus ult stun can wreck at least 2-3 heroes before he gets taken down. It’s not sbout healing, but if you have to, you have a small one. It’s about his slow+stun and his long range.

Crippling slow for a split second isn’t really gonna help a hero with literally no mobility,and the ult’s fortified health is lackluster without max HP,which you will lack with a crit build,so won’t you get one shotted by anything that jumps on you before you’re ult lands and stuns them?

(Oh yeah,and reflex block,pretty sure every smart player will buy that against Adagio,since his ult is very very predictable)

Well the mobility isn’t as necessary with his range, and you’re usually gonna build boots as wp adiago so you have some speed to follow up on your range. The ult is mainly a team punisher you use in teamfights while your allies harass the enemy, and it’s funny you mention reflex block because you can use your ult to bait out a block while an ally uses an ult that actually damages.

I prefer him as a utility top hero, tbh. Shiversteel makes up for his lackluster mobility, and the speed boosts/powerful heals he provides (Once you get capacitor plate of course)

In mid he can’t really secure buffs as well as other meta mid heroes can, and on rotations he isn’t the best at ganking since he needs to be up close to apply his slows, so I’d prefer him up top where he can really play to his strengths and help the team.

There’s no reason for Adagio to go WP. If someone pulls it off, their mechanical skill trumped the poor build choice and they would’ve done better if they were CP. There are plenty of reasons to not play WP and very little that it offers over CP

EDIT - oh, this is 5 days old. yikes