I Never Have Fun Whenever I Play 5v5

The problems I have with it might stem from confirmation bias, but I feel that getting boots seems to be a requirement since the map is so damn big and the heroes seem so slow, the scout cam recharge time seems way too long, even if you build the scout cam item. I feel that most people can’t find their ass without a map and a flashlight. There’s also the fact that I’m not very good with 5v5 in the first place, so I know that I’m a burden to my team, and even if I play as a roam, I can only do so much, as I’m mostly reliant on my team for any kind of damage, and whenever I leave a lane to go support another, the person in the lane I just left will often get killed and get salty that I “abandoned” them by the time I’m half way to the next lane. Not helping that is the fact that some laners are idiots that never build defense and blame the team for their incompetence. I also feel that the salt levels get exponentially higher the longer you’re in a 5v5 game.


What skill tier are we talking?

Try helping your laners push their minion waves. Don’t take last hits, but do what you can to relieve pressure. Then, move to another lane and repeat. 5v5 is all about applying map pressure, in a way that 3v3 really wasn’t. If a 5v5 lane is pushed, you know that lane is safe for a little while, and you’re free to roam to another area of the map.

You’ll have to use your scout cams with care. Think of the best vision spots that would warn your team of ganks, and try to maintain a cam there. But also balance it with the likelihood that you’ll be nearby to defend the cam, if possible. And feel free to double tap your cam if you’re out, to let your team know that you won’t be refreshing anything in the near future.

And yeah, you’re gonna need boots 99% of the time. But that was true of 3v3 as well, right?


My experience with 5v5 roam is that you can’t build mostly support but find each heros balance of wp or cp items as roams need to fight more in 5v5. As for salty people because they die that is just the nature of some who think they are great at the game, and that the game is a large 3v3. Scout cams have a perfect timer imo but too many people refuse to use them or dont look and see there is one covering that area. Roams have the hardest job in 5v5 they gotta support fight and help jungle which makes map awarness and prediction of the enemies the biggest hurdle for all the positions


I rarely built boots in all of my 3v3 games, since I feel that having extra mobility doesn’t make up for having to put up with less attack or utility. The boots that I build the most is War Treads simply because it has some form of team utility, and even then, I’ve only semi-regularly built it with Phinn and Ardan.

Intresting, i have never seen a moba player in any game abandon/not buy boots except for early years in some dota maps.

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That’s why you don’t captain in SoloQ 5v5, that’s suicide

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Nah, it’s do-able, and a lot of fun. You just need the right mind-set.

Early game, focus on aggression, but for the purpose of map control, not kills. Do this through pressing lanes, and cycling through as many map locations as possible so the enemy can’t get too comfortable. Certain roams can go the extra mile by poaching enemy jungle camps. This is quite similar to what junglers should be doing, but with less focus on clearing your own jungle. As you move to late game, focus more on orchestrating good teamfights, protecting teammates, and clearing objectives.

When you do it right, it’s very active, and very fun, but not if you play it passively, which is what a lot of players fall in the trap of doing, I think.


There are a few heroes that it is halfway viable on in VG - Baron, Fortress and Ozo can get away with it sometimes but 99% of the time mobility rules.


Yikes. Really? I agree with @Satanicsoldier – I’ve just never seen that done.


@HipsterSkaarf @idmonfish
You guys both have valid points, but I consider boots to be useless, since I’ve only used them to get out of undesirable fights, and even then, I might be prioritized, especially if I’m low on health, and I really don’t like using tactics I haven’t tried out if I know I’m not good at it and/or if it completely goes against my playstyle, which in this case, is a mixture of both.

@hazeleyes @Satanicsoldier
It works for me in most of my 3v3 games. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? On the other hand, in 5v5 games, it feels as if I’m forced to buy boots simply because it takes SO GODDAMN LONG just to get from one side of the to the other, even with the rivers boosting my speed. You can tell I’ve never used the teleporting boots because from what I know, they require at least one active scout cam to get the most out of it, and considering the fact that I’ve seen most scout cams dissolve RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME due to people spotting them with their own scout cams, as well as the fact that most people in the games I’ve played apparently don’t even know that scout cams are a thing, forcing me to use all of my scout cams, I’m not gonna buy it if most of the scout cams are deleted by the enemy and the remaining few are next to the two dragons, which might force me to a 2v1 fight at minimum, right in enemy territory, or in near useless positions, such as being near destroyed turrets(which I often do due to the destroyed turrets no longer providing vision)

The key is placement of scout cams you want them where they can alert of possible ganks but not be easy for the enemy to spot. Port boots can be used to get to friendly minions and turrets too. I think i might be wrong you can use it to port to team mates too but i could be wrong.

I’m sorry if I seem stubborn and unwilling to see reason, but as of right now, I just don’t enjoy 5v5 games at all, even if I do win, and that just pisses me off.

  1. play lane /jungle
  2. play 3v3
  3. take a break



Think of it this way. No matter how fast heros are boots will always be a key element in 5v5 as the key is time managment. Games are won or lost in one battle towards the end even if you traveled within 1 second to the fight you are too late if you treat it like a big 3v3. In 5v5 you must treat it like a different game.

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It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, but I’ll try use everyone’s advice here.

I guess I’ll instalock lane and jungle form now on kappa

Do it. Don’t feel bad about it, because soloQ is full of selfish people anyways.

Roaming got HARD in 5v5, and i myself ( who has plsyed like 90% out of 6000 matches roam ) am redundant to do it

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Wow I’d say you’re putting yourself at a massive disasvantage by not having boots, remember they have a passive ability and an activational ability. War threads for instance has a huge health buff which synergies with most captain abilites. Hero’s like Phinn need boots as early as possible to help with mobility. What skill tier you playing at?

For what it’s worth I think jungle and roam are more important in 3v3 especially early game as you can help to apply pressure.

This could be terrible advice but as a roam I tend to prioritise the middle lane, this allows you to use the river speed boost to quickly move to help when needed. Not much point being on one side of the map whilst the enemy are three manning the other side. I’d also advocate a more hybrid build, the ability to apply some DMG helps to increase that pressure on the enemy and is useful when you bump into someone whilst negating the map…


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