I never finished my sunlight rewards last season. Did I miss out on anything important?


I never finished. I forgot about it, and spent too little time playing as I’m not enjoying it as much. Was there anything very worthwhile I may have missed, or is it mostly the same?

Ninja edit: 3.3, since 3.4 is today.

If I’m not wrong there actually was a whole list of rewards they added to this season so unfortunately you probably missed some/most of it.

Nice, I think I remember what you’re referring to. I suppose if I’m not playing as much, the rewards may not have been a huge deal. I did make it to Credible Threat so at least I get that skin.

I found it.

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Thanks dude! I’ll peonably get back into the swing this season with all these new changes.

Wow, that’s quite an improvement! Like @dream, I’ve not been playing much because of the rampant dodging and general toxicity but also because there was little incentive to actually, you know, play.

The new rewards change that equation, for sure.

It’s a hindsight 20/20 moment for me right now because if I’d just played, I’d have some cool new stuff.

Here’s to the summer season!

Yeah I really like those. And also the battle pass. Not so much for getting a lot of free things but because it makes people play the game.

The battle pass made sunlight worth it even without payout. I got so much stuff from that.
Several decent skins including the Lance legendary one.