I need to change my region

**I am having a problem in the region i am in EU

and u need to change it to sea since the peaple i know are in sea
Can you help me please

you can submit a request here (remember to put migration as the issue type ofc)
if you live in the SEA region they’ll 100% surely migrate you to SEA server. however, i’m not sure if they’ll migrate you if you do live in EU. good luck!

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You will instantly regret changing to SEA.
don’t do it.
avoid SEA at all costs.
SEA players are trying to get out of SEA and you want in?

tell your friends to go EU.


Iam not finding a giuld in eu and they are inactive but i see in facebook that in sea they are very active

Try NA or EA . . . heck i’d even recommend China and South America. I’d rather be bombarded with strange language than suffer the endless lag.

any other region, don’t pick SEA.

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I am from lebanon amd lebankn is not in any region from these regions

It’s not so much about fitting into a region that you must associate with, it’s about being able to play without wild amounts of ping or delay.

If SEA is the server your friends are playing on and you want to join them, switch to SEA.

I don’t believe SEMC will give you any trouble switching your server, just explain to them the truth of your reason behind switching if they really must know.