I need feedback (2 Videos)

Hey folks!

Some feedback plz (:


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So firstly I just want to point out that you’ve thrown these videos on here asking for feedback, and I believe that you should at least offer a bit of a description of what we’re getting into prior to watching.

I watched both, and, in total constructive criticism, I’m not sure what to make of it - and I do not like either.

I assume you’re making gameplay montages to present skillful gameplay, but in truth what I’m seeing is just long cuts of replays with instagram-esque filters and music thrown atop with no thought towards timing / editing that doesn’t match the substance or style.

I appreciate what you’re going for here, and, I think you’re on the right track towards making content. I’m going to throw a few suggestions here for you:

  1. Really think about the music you’re going to use. Contextually is should fit and flow with the footage you’re using to suit a mood or convey a message.
  2. Forget the filters, all of them. They’re tacky and unnecessary. Take it easy the slow-mo, too. A finely cut and well edited video will prove to be far more entertaining to watch than having the footage being drowned underneath color filters and so on.
  3. Practice editing. Time key moments you’re looking to express with the music. Is there an insane gank you pulled off? Maybe edit the footage so the music falls into a more excitable movement as this happens.

That’s about all I can offer in the light of editing montage videos for a MOBA. Keep it up, practice your skills and fine-tune your craft.


Great game play but the editing drags it down. Music is ok but like @dream said, kill the filters.

Also, now I really want Vox skin after seeing some of its game play.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will keep it in my mind! I still looking what content I will create but I love edit gameplay and I get better! In my opinion :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Alpha.exe (edit gameplay)

Dude this is SO much better already, immediately it was interesting. The quotes were a wonderful touch, honestly, and the OG Vainglory font was a cool find. :thumbs2:

The music transitioned well and was much more fitting to the flow and speed of the gameplay of Alpha. The buildup with the piano piece was a great decision.

I see you’re playing with Camera angles more. You should keep this up, for sure. If you make some crazy kills, why don’t you have multiple cuts of the same kill in different angles? If you have a very cool play, you can edit it so you have a bunch of different perspectives showcasing it.

Otherwise, overall definitely see huge progess. Keep it up

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