I need a guide for drafting in ranked 5's

ehh idk what to put in here… 30
title is self explanatory

I usually ban captains, due to how they can flex into different roles.

I always take note on which players i’m playing with and against, because you’ll usually meet them in the next game. if they are good at a certain hero, ban it.

imo, it’s not worth banning assassins, because you know exactly what their role is, and you can counter it. Solo que bans are a little bit of russian roulette and banning an assassin could work if you know for sure the enemy is a one trick pony. But being a blind draft, i wouldn’t recommend it.

Banning and picking in a team, is a whole different ball game and it’s worth communicating to pick strong heroes for each other. Not that it’ll always work out, communication in itself is difficult.

First pick should always be your strongest hero. whatever that may be. 2nd, 3rd etc will all be trying to counter each other, or picking their mains.

Last pick is IMO, the most important, so take your time to find a hero that will complete the team to counter the enemy.

to know the meta, which hero is weak / strong … visit https://vgpro.gg/heroes

that’s my opinion anyway. there are T5’s who will dodge just because you din’t ban taka, krul or saw. don’t think too much about it. just ban whatever hero is your HARD counter to your main.

  • learn the meta
  • when 1st pick, leave 1 op hero for you to get
  • when 2nd pick, and there are 2 op heroes left and you have 1 ban left, don’t ban either one.
  • always! indicate! roles!!!
  • imo, having more heroes benefits not only you, but thr whole team, for swap possibilities.

Learn the meta. Ban oppressive heroes (Malene). Bait people into a hero (people tend to get baited into carry picks rather than captain picks). Counter them and choose the strongest captain hero in the patch (this patch Phinn). I don’t really have much to say because when I’m drafting I say my though process, since every draft is different.

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All good, except that there is no way to tell who you play agains before it’s too late (loading screen). Only in private games you will see that info.

there is absolutely no way to tell. which is why i mentioned the “Russian roulette” analogy.

but being a solo que’er for so long, I notice patterns in Match making and take a certain calculated risk.

there are just so many little perks about MM to talk about and it’s all personal speculation, so that’s why I don’t want to type too much about it.

i can say however, that keeping a long list of “friends” will help you out. VG is a small world and the more you know about your “friends” the better.

checking vgpro.gg is also helpful, to some extent. I have to stress the point that this is all a work in progress and MM is ever changing, so my theories could all change when MM gets changed.