I missed 3 classes in college

Well looks like your boi slept through his alarm today. Please suggest me good alarm apps to wake me up everyday. I’m using android.

I don’t know of any good alarm apps, but my strategy is usually set two or three overlapping alarms, that way when even if I turn off one I’m probably too out of it to remember the other one(s). Five minutes later, alarm.


Look up Alarmy.

It has you do different tasks before it’ll let you turn it off. I currently have to take a picture of my front door before it will stop and it only will if the picture is a close match.

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That’s what I do too. Annoy myself awake. I’ve also used an app called “i-Qi clock” which uses a slow build up of meditation tones to bring you out of sleep more gently. Not sure if there’s an android version, but searching for ‘meditation alarm’ might bring up something good.

Alternatively, I have cats who will wake me up for breakfast. Creatively. One started chewing my armpit hair, and when I learned to sleep with my arms down, he learned to nibble my nose right where it meets my face. I grew a mustache to confuse his whiskers, and he learned to drag one (just one) claw gently along my lip. He’s a special little guy. Yesterday was his birthday, by the way! He’s 10 now, here he is when I found him:


Yep I’ve made it so that it asks some math questions before shutting up. my alarm sound is hell too, it’s basically a really loud nuclear siren.
too stressful but much better than losing my job

Aw, you’ve got the cat I always wanted. Minus the armpit hair chewing :s what a precious story and little guy…

OP, I second the meditation alarm recommendation. Of course I don’t know how heavy you are a sleeper, but I used it in the past and it worked. Makes you feel less ungh when waking up. In fact I should actually start using it again…

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That meditation alarm ain’t gonna work for me cause I don’t wake up until someone slaps me hard enough (and I gonna tell you they aren’t hard enough mostly). anyways thanks for suggestion

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Just set the alarm volume to loud as hell. If I really need to wake up, that works.

The thing is I wake up and then go to sleep again.

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I have had three separate old-fashioned loud bell alarm clocks in the span of two years, no matter how loud it is I have the same problem of just falling asleep again.

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If it is loud enough you will wake up. Also, place the alarm away from your bed so you need to get UP to turn it off. That really helps

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get a dog to scream at you when the alarm goes off


try using ali-a’s intro

works for me


That’s a cute non-dragon kitty

Oh my god he looks so cuuuute


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Sigh. I sleep via sleep cycles, using an app to calculate the necessary amount of time for sleep to actually help me.
Not all phases of sleep are useful, and there’s a lot going on.

Basically, if you time it right, you can wake up between cycles, feeling refreshed and alert. However, the amount of time to fall asleep and variation over time makes it difficult to nail that right time to wake up.

I’ve lost the general timeframe i usually wake up so it’s annoying the crap outa me.

I usually start thinking, "Wait, don’t I have (blank college) today?!

Then I wake up.

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Do you have a roomate? If you do then won’t the app messup. Like my schedule is ranges from 7-9 am depending on when my classes are.

I really want to try this app.

For the most part, it’s super accurate. Just nailing the time to fall asleep is what changes slowly over time. It’s called “sleepyti.me

It shows variety of times ranging from 1-6 cycles.

You’d be surprised how much sleep you actually need to be healthy. If you are 18+, i recco 5 cycles for working day, 6 for chill day. Young people 6 always

Thanks for the info, I will definitely check these out.

Np dude.

Happy sleeping!

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