I miss the old forums

I still can’t get over the fact that SEMC just decided to shut down the forums. Even though I’m done with this game I still enjoyed being around other forumers just memeing around or having some conversation about things that were occurring in the video game world, films, world events, etc. It’s good to see

I mean sure, I can do that here, but I liked the simpleness and straightforward-ness of the old xenforo site, despite it being limited. Like I have said before I don’t mean any offense to the mods (idmon and hipster come to mind and are great gentlemen) and others such as Hazeleye, I am sure you guys put so much work and effort into this place and still are doing as such. But I am sure you guys miss the old place, or maybe not since you guys were mods in the old place and probably didn’t like how xenforo handled and such.

(I forgot what else I was gonna put here since I fell asleep as I was typing this, but yeah).


While I never was a member of the old forums I do feel there is better choices for forum software. I personally am use to having categories than boards and subboards this software has a hybrid category/board and suboardssl syatem

yes where affiance at :pouting_cat:

i actually know why that borb isnt here but uh E


Like you mentioned, it was the forumer’s that made it great. it’s just a shame many forumer’s didn’t cross over to this one, and those who did, rarely contribute anymore.

it’s possible that many don’t see the point in voicing an opinion when SEMC has shown no interest in participating in conversations. Which is one of the reasons many forumer’s believed it closed down.

I believe it was from a legal and responsibility stance. it gives them one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on other things.

Has anyone noticed how even Reddit is getting a tonn of toxicity that is directed at SEMC and expecting some kind of response? it’s that expectation that creates toxicity. Noticeably, there has been fewer and fewer Dev interaction on Reddit.

Tweets is now their preferred way of communication. Along with Facebook and Instagram. lol.

Even listening to Esport commentary by TastyBacon, I can’t help sensing that they do hover around reading bits of information from here. It seems too much of a coincidence that they’re talking about concepts that has been discussed here.

The platform of this forum’s is Great, heaps better than the old. I don’t miss the old forums, i just miss the forumers. lol.


I just wish they would use here to communicate long posts and link it from their twitter and stuff like they’ve done with reddit

Same fam

This dab will be blurred


I never used the old forums but my main problem with this one is the fact that more than 50% of the screen is wasted on the sides in threads.
I know its just visual but I just don’t like how posts, the most important thing in threads and essentially in a forums website take less space than empty wasted screen.

That’s just good design for readability. If text blocks are too wide, it’s uncomfortable to read from one line to the next, since your eyes have to travel quite a long way to follow the flow of a sentence. This is why newspapers and magazines set their text in columns, rather than across the whole page. It also scales well to mobile and a variety of browser widths.

You’d be surprised how much more thoughtful the design of this forum is. It does away with signatures (wasted space between user comments), scales back avatars (minimize distraction), employs a cleaner, flat design (so edges and chunky borders don’t distract from your words)… and lots of other little things. I quite like the wide margins, personally, for the air they give.

Is there something in the way of you doing that here?


this place is more compact, less toxic and WE have the authority here. begone days of old.


In my opinion, we really should have a “general” subforum. I also miss profile posts, it wasn’t particurlarly useful but it was a great way for members to interact.
All things considered I think Xenforo focused on growing a community, while Discourse is about discussion. Personally, I prefer Xenforo.

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We have a off topic forum for that

Nothing really stopping that, but idk it’s just the way I feel. Again I have nothing against this forum, but it’s just a sentiment thing(?).

Which kind of “General” are you talking about? A miscellaneous place, or a dumping ground (like in the old forum)?

If it’s something like the old place, have you tried the Latest content tab? That’s a good way to browse recent content here, and something like General on the old forum.

If you’re talking about a miscellaneous subforum, I agree that there are some threads that could go there. I’m just hesitant to make a subforum like that, since it might attract a lot of the problems caused by General in the old space. Namely, duplicate posts as people post the same thing in different places, loss of searchability because content isn’t sorted by category, the reddit effect where content drops off the main page too quickly, and the feeling that posters don’t have to think for themselves where a post should go. But I don’t know, it’s worth thinking about it. There haven’t been toooo many threads that need a misc section though. I also really like that not having a general or misc subforum gives people a chance to be a bit thoughtful about where their post belongs. I think that helps with engagement and a sense of stewardship in a community-run space.

That’s fine, no one’s forcing you. But to be honest, I don’t think people really discussed the things you’re talking about in the old forum all that often. You’re probably just feeling nostalgic about it and remembering it with rosy lenses.


yes that

30 characters yesnoyes

I understand this point of view, I still think that a general acts as a central hub for everyone to meet at, which helps fostering a community.

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I want to write messages on ppl’s profiles :pouting_cat:


As much as it was awful and filled with trolls and pure sarcastic wrath…

I miss the format. The open nature of having conversations on profiles, the achievement hunting and useful spamming,

That place was a home away from home. And those profile pages were like a last remnant of message boards.

I’m sad :slight_smile:

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