I’m never playing with you again [should there be a blacklist option?]

So toxicity seems to be something people feel strongly about in the community. But when you ask individuals what they considered to be toxic behaviour it varies from person to person. Some argue non meta builds are toxic, for others it’s dodging matches for me it’s selfishiness (locking in a second laner when you’re third in draft for instance).

So how about SEMC gives us the choice to avoid playing with individuals we believe to be toxic? By allowing us to withdraw them from matchmaker when we hit the search button, putting them into a “sin bin” if you like.

If someone continues to behave in a toxic manner they’ll find search times getting longer and longer as there behaviour excludes them from the wider playing community. It’ll also help people to avoid that lost elo when matching with a known troll (a curse for the average soloq player).

Obviously there would need to be a limit on this “sin bin”; be it number of individuals you can sin bin at a time or perhaps a time limit on their duration in the bin.

But it would enable the user to decide what they as an individual consider to be toxic and avoid repeat behaviour offenders. Nobody likes being trolled for twenty minutes only to match with the same individual next match for round two.



I recall this being discussed at length on the old forums, with a Dev chiming in to clarify that any form of blacklist would be bound to break the match-maker.

As much as I would love to have this option, it’s unlikely to happen… and I guess the limit could not possibly be high enough for me to put every toxic asshat I encounter on there.


Wow SEMC is full of lazy devs that don’t embrace the spirit of the MOBA genre which was made out of mods for games because it was a challenge and fun.

I can’t link you to the post, unfortunately, but with all the match-making issues we’ve had, as of late, well…

It makes perfect sense that it would become next to impossible to find acceptable match-ups, if you also have to account for individual blacklists. 5vs5 only elevates the issue, as none of the 5 players on a team would be allowed to have any of the others on his blacklist. That’s a lot of potential matches to pass on.


you’re right, as someone who’s blacklisting trolls, you’d end up having more matches rejected than played. It seemed like a good idea, but yeah I could see how matchmaker breaking it could be.

A full blacklist option is rough territory for matchmaking, as mentioned, but some kinda flag option would be nice so that you could at least say you prefer not to play with this player and the matchmaker takes it into account, with higher preferred players getting preference.

I love the moments when the matchmaker forces you to play with the same person over and over after you just lost with them, just to put them on the opposing team 5 min later.

It’s like they’re trying to teach you a lesson of some kind.

It should at least make it so that if you down vote someone you won’t get placed in the same team for the next game.

Of course, being placed on opposite team would be much better so you can kill each other.


I see the biggest issue being the available player pool. Which is why I suggested a sin bin should be limited in numbers of duration etc…

It’s a shame, if something like this were introduced you would immediately impact on the in game toxicity. Sure some would try to abuse it but I’d simply be sin binning people who I consider to be trolls. Obviously toxicity is relative and this would enable each of us to lock out our version of toxicity.

Damn you Wali you’ve made some good points, 10 people with blacklists would certainly mean an individual could be blacklisted.

Honestly think they’re must be a better way for SEMC to handle in game toxicity. My gut tells me there simply isn’t the will on there part to address the problem fully. Which is a shame, trolls ruin user experience and can lead to players leaving the game.


The problem is that SEMC cannot control their players. All they can do it give us incentive to NOT be toxic such as the LPQ change this patch. It would be great if there WAS an easy way to deal with toxic players, but that just is not the reality of the situation.

I dont need them to make us a blacklist, I just need them to stop teaming me with the people I just freaking beat the last match , teammates that I just lost with, and who dodged draft I was in.

I feel like this idea would work in SEA, given the sheer amount of players. But not anywhere else.

Sadly all this does is ruin the experience of someone who has yet to reach rank aka i just downloaded

They still have LPQ. They just cannot ruin ranked matches, which are obviously more important than casual

Yes they are to continue to have the old users, but to have new users join and stay they need a good experience