I love Vainglory

My favourite game is Vainglory 5v5 F2P on apple app store and google play. I really enjoy the fluid gameplay and the fantastic graphics. The servers are FANTASTIC and the game barely uses any battery! Plus, the community is so constructive and nice, and they all have interesting and intelligent things to say (especially reddit). The whole game fascinates me as it seems like the perfect storm, where literally all the right elements came to create the best game and community possible. But most of all, I love the new additions that SEMC has added over the years.

The way the skin system has improved to help us understand is amazing. At first, I saw the variety of cards and their art and I was very confused. They changed it once to make it easier to understand, but sometimes the number of cards went past 20, and I can’t count that high on my fingers and toes, so I was super relieved when SEMC changed their ways to make it a one card/blueprint system!

I also love 5v5! Whenever I played 3v3, I always thought to myself ‘I wish I had even less control of my games’ and ‘I wish I was forced to rely on my incredibly skilled master tactician soloQ teammates’. SEMC delivered on that promise with 5v5! Now I get to juggle three ranks while having one or both of the main competitive modes broken. BTW, whoever designed the red buff effect is a genius, make sure to give them a raise.

Probably my favourite part is the replay system. It’s amazing that we can get 2FPS close ups on Gwens ass and post our plays in the choppiest videos possible. The best part is when I want to skip to a certain part of the game, and I get to sit through a seven minute loading screen before it crashes on me! Woo hoo!

Who even needs an education or friends or other hobbies. Vainglory is so flawless that you can live off of it forever! I mean, look at how unique skill expressive :b: ony is.

Happy April Fools


@hazeleyes Boss can you put this in The NaCl mine?

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Dude Its a joke… Don’t be so salty…

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I’m experimenting

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I know right I really love the lag I’v e starting getting on 5v5. Can’t play 5v5 untill they fix that ****

I’m waiting for the second chapter of this
Also “B” part is pretty good

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