I love this game

Not a long post. Not necessarily a cheer, either, but having spent so many months away from VG again, it’s a pleasure to come back to.

They nailed the pacing and style of this game.

I had a laugh when reinstalling it, because it was joystick controls by default. That’s gonna be a no from me, dog.

Team tap


Yeah the Joystick control makes for a poor game experience with half the roster lol…

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Auto joystick throws me off whenever I reinstall for an update. It’s a shame new players might settle for joystick instead of learning the traditional VG touch.

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Traditional truly is the best control scheme. I can say that proudly now.

Can anyone tell me if joystick is actually better than tap with any hero? I refuse to try joystick because I don’t want to lose while looking like an idiot if I can’t get it right.

Lore Filled Moba perfected for touch joysticks with unneeded cosmetic hats and horrible matchmaking that is not great.

Buy moar recolors of skins that make a skin feel cheap and lazy asf

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The only recolors of skins(That I can remember) are the contender skins and you can’t buy those so what skins are you talking about.

It’s not like people buy skins anyways. People either hope for free BPs from chests or luck from chests that they bought with free ICE. These recolors are supposed to make it harder to get what you want. Which is scummy and not scummy at the same time.

The current BP/skin system is designed to get people to buy RNG chests if you want to have any sort of chance of getting what you want.

It’s a very player-unfriendly scheme, but it’s pretty certain that they’re making more money doing things this way, so I don’t see it changing.

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