I love the VG in-game music and all, but

Sometimes, Smash wants to play with smash’s playlists. Just sayin… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Discord music bots for the win.


You can actually disable the in-game music and still keep the SFX on if you want. It’s been a thing for quite a while now.

i think he wants each hero to wear Vox’s headphones whenever a song is playing.


@DIMTI & @Ve3nNo0wM i’d like to have the play our own music mixed underneath the Sound fx feature in VG. Pretty much every streamer ever could use the feature, too. :wink:

I also love the music in Vainglory but I’ve played with the music volume set to 0 for a few years, now. It’s not bad music by any means, but listening to that same theme over and over gets old.

Unfortunately, when I play music behind the game via iPad, the entirety of the game’s volume gets cut off - and on top of that, when I turn the music off, for some reason VG decides it’ll play literally every sound effect that happened while my music was off in one loud, messy explosion.


Is there some way that you could record this? My ipad does not do this is it plays Spotify and keeps the sound effects while the music gets silenced

I can certainly give it a go. You’ll have to give me some time, I’m currently taking a break from video games.

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Yes and no music rights get to be a big pain as you get enough viewers to get lables to notice.

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Totally good point. I just like the feature of bringing in tunes you’ve got on your device. One of the GTA mobile games lets you do it, and it’s freaking amazing. Maybe it’s not for the MOBA world, but a fella can hope lol

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That’s crazy lol. All at once? That’s wild lol

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if you do record it, I’ll play it on Maximum volume on my surround sound Bose setup, just for kicks. I like to see how much it can take… hasn’t blown up yet… :rofl:


I’d like to play it from my car’s system it has broken a few cups in my house from playing it on max as a test run

I always play without music, so I can hear the SFX better. It’s really useful, you can hear everything from Kestrel’s glimmershots to a nearby treant using his Root.

Mine works fine. It plays both, altho it can sometimes be hard to hear the sound effects, which is why I usually play without music (even the ingame music). kinda would like to hear that ultramegasoundeffect tho.

Too bad it isn’t like other games with footsteps

That’s so weird, and it must be awful. If I try to go into something else with music playing, it just shuts down the music. :expressionless: I’d prefer earrape to silence I think.

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Well you could go old fashion and use a stereo