I Like The New Contender Vote (A commentary on new seeming SEMC strategies)

So I like the new contender vote.

Here’s the deal: if you’re gonna push skins (and achievements) on me in one form or another, I appreciate a choice in it. Like really, I have to commend SEMC on that marketing brilliance. Anyway, hope decisions with as much know-how are made like these in the future. I think people come back to this game because they recognize a good core game when they see one. Let’s keep it that way.


I kind of get that it’s nice to be asked but then you’re like right, 3 heroes, which on to choose? Don’t like 2 of them so get 3rd, end up hating on SEMC. I am the opposite of yourself, I would rather get one i have no choice in, then not get the one i do have a choice in and then probably have to wait FOREVER for it, knowing i did actually have the opportunity one time. Also, one of the options for one that had loads already, ugh.

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What’s the vote about? 3030330

What hero should receive a contender skin next.

Wasn’t it Kensei though why choose?

The poll is for the contender skin after Kensei, so for winter season.

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At first I was like: YES! A new skin for the hero that deserves one!
But then I remember Contender skins are just yellow painted version of the original skin…
Uhmmmmmm…why u do?

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UM YOU MEAN GOLD. Just think about Golden Yates.