I legit cant with this game

My sweet and short rant.

Causals in 5v5 are the worst out of any moba ive seen. I can mentally prepare myself for toxicity in matches but the moment i see T4s in my team and a bunch of high tiers in the opposite team, i legit cry internally as i try to surrender and my team thinks we can win while they pack on a 0/6/0 on thier kda. Im soooooooooooOOooooooo close to beating the summer event but the only thing is holding me back is the 10 5v5 wins. Im a causal player and i reAllLy dont want to rank unless im decaying. Im not a low tier but the match maker allways teams me up with the low tiers WHICH IM OK ONLY IF THE FRICKEN TEAMS WERE BALANCED.

Im new to ranting publicly so… dont hate >:3

I understand completely.
Go play 5v5 rank man its much much better.

Hard to hate on that post, as it’s my experience as well. It’s why I rarely play 5v5, tbh, and why I never play 5v5 solo.


In casual the tiers restrictions are relaxed, fast match start is prioritised.

T4… so it is likely Bronze in League of Legend…
Ofc the amount of toxic salt is unlimited there…
Besides, casual is a salt mineral… no matter which rank you are.


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