I just noticed something

I dunno where this should go, so Imma put it in OT. I noticed Kinetic’s icon in the heroes tab is different from the background for her info page. In the icon she is smirking, but has a more serious look on her face in her hero page. I wonder if any of you also noticed that somehow? :thinking: Niv has some explaining to do :pouting_cat:


Seconded. They unified the UI - high time to unify faces!

Vainglory Art Designers make different variations of splashart and in the end they choose the one that best represents their vision. So ig they used the home screen splashart as a early background but they plan to use the splashart in her hero screen as the primary default art.

There are exceptions such as Lances Arts

Speaking of Lance arts, I remember SEMC using a potato Lance face for his icon. It totally didn’t fit in with the rest.

With that profile picture, I wouldn’t be calling anyone a potato face.


Thank you for this :joy: now tell @Adagio he needs to accept my Seraphim request

Oof you just got roasted by the man himself. How do u feel?

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like a potato…