I just had to comment on this... I might legit stop playing VG at all

Are you joking?!?!! I just spent my glory on stuff while SEMC gave no indication that there was another event one day after the Summer Event. I complain because i had enough to participate but i decided (my fault but still) to waste it on my favorite talents (Rare Lyra and Rare Skye). Arena of Valor tells its players long before of which events are upcoming while Vainglory just surprisingly pops events on the spot. Ive decided long ago that i wouldnt use real money on VG due to its shady-ness (Golden ticket scam) and im sure as hell not wasting my money just to participate in this.

My second rant which i didn’t expect to do one so quick after my first but some things needed to be said.

My overall complaint: Semc needs to have a plan and announce events before hand and not just out of the blue.

Edit3: Im not going to rant anymore, if more crap like this happens, ill just stop playing the game and focus my time more on LoL or another moba.


I got annoyed with the same thing. I had 8k glory n upgraded kest epic talent to 8. ardan rare to 13 and a few others n now i have 3k glory. I hadnt taken my lvl 35 BP reward ie the all access pass+new hero so that i can claim a new hero later with it but now i had to claim the reward just to get double glory boost. They expect us to get 10k glory in a week? LOL
and how hard is it to make a note of all the events and make an announcement so we can plan accordingly? Just really annoyed atm.


I suggest you to do so. I totally understand why you’re annoyed and I agree with you.
Sadly enough, you can be damn sure that SMEC is coming with lots of more of this and it will only get worse each time. That’s what they’ve been doing for the last 2 years. :lyra:

They did say that they would have events running all summer long.

If you cannot participate in this one, another wont be long off.

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I was checking the dates. This event lasts longer than the previous one?

Wow, the timing of this is ridiculous.


I should have said i known that, but legit one day after the Summer event?! i thought they would atleast give it a week before another event.

Personally I like the frequency of the events pumping out right now.

Would a week between have made any difference in how you feel about the event?

Tbh yes, after grinding for the Summer events. I played alot so i wanted to rest and not play.

Or they could just extend the events for a week so that we can play a little casually and not grind like dogs.


Yes definitely. And i dont get the logic of the same event being kept twice when they could just make it a week long event.

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They are being really annoying. I didn’t see any announcements for the summer event or the one before battlegrounds (can’t even remember what it was), so I missed out on half the rewards by missing the play. I literally haven’t opened the game since just after the first battlegrounds event because I have literally no motivation. At the moment, I’d just much rather play Splatoon, or Paladins, or LoL or just about anything else.

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I didnt even participate in this event , and iam in a losing streak because of the try hards and bad matchmaker , i dont think its worth your glory , i was winning and getting balanced matches before this event , what made me really really mad is , i lost one of the matches to a saw , very bad saw , but the worst thing my team was feeding him kills , he got fed super early and took the objectives it felt like blitz , i dont know what is this ? , not ranking until this event end .

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