I just downloaded League of Legends tonight. Now what?

Hi everyone,

Recently I got a new Laptop, and I thought, maybe I could try uploading some of the old games I used to play on the old Desktop PC and see how it goes.

Starcraft 2: It works… but only on medium graphics which was disappointing for me. One day I will get my chance to personally experience the game in its full graphical glory.

World of Tanks: Being forced to only play on the lowest settings and unable to experience the amazing graphics and sound design was a turn-off

World of Warships: Same as above

War Thunder: Crashed upon launching

Armored Warfare: What did you think happened?

So after checking out online what games my laptop COULD run I decided to give League of Legends a shot (cause I don’t care about TFT or LOR).

I mean with VG no longer being as enjoyable I thought might as well. Plus I am familiar with League (lorewise) and know the basics and I follow on the game quite a bit.

So I downloaded League of Legends on my 7th Gen Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon LAPTOP. By the time I post this topic, the game should be installed already.

Now what?

Any advice for an Omega Neophyte who has no idea what he is getting himself into and will probably be struggling to crawl out of IRON 1 using his trackpad

That’s all

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In no particular order:

  • Co-op vs AI matches are great for practicing mechanics; intermediate level bots actually play somewhat like real players

  • Make custom builds for the champs you play regularly — there are good build guides around the web to help you while you learn the item tree

  • Watch pro matches to learn strategy

  • You can earn a fair amount of loot by completing missions — that will help you acquire champs and cosmetics without paying anything; the daily “1st win” mission is easily completed in a bot match

  • ARAM isn’t anything like real League — it’s fun, but expect to get wrecked if you try it, especially in solo queue; I found it frustrating when I was starting off

  • URF is even more frustrating than ARAM for new players

  • Get a two button mouse to use with your laptop; it’ll be worth it, I promise

  • Runes are really important, but custom rune pages cost actual money after the first two; fortunately, you can work with the default pages until you figure out which champs you are going to main

  • Don’t forget to set the proper summoner spells during champ select; it’s embarrassing to be the jungler and not have Smite (ask me how I know)

  • Bot lane best lane, Xayah best girl :wink:

  • Have fun!!


Trackpad is a nightmare from my experience. A good mouse is worth to invest for playing league.


Almost forgot as well my IGN is the same as my forum username for anyone who wants to add me

Pls add me, I need friends on League

That’s kinda both great and sad at the same time

Do you mean custom rune builds or custom item builds?

But probably not a good idea to just emulate entirely what pro players do right? Cause I tried out the demo today and I could barely even stutter-step (if that even exists in the league)

Judging solely from my experience with ARAM in VG I’m probably only going to stick to the casual and maybe the rare ranked games if I can find people to duo with

I did not know that, thanks for the info

I feel like one game or another I will eventually make the mistake of taking ignite on ADCS or Smite on supports.

I’m sorry but I have already devoted my body to the master manipulator of dark spheres.

And besides Caitlyn’s more my kind of ADC

(I would say Kog Maw but I don’t think people who play him actually exist anymore)

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Lol, I just meant that the intermediate bots actually build more than basic items, and they actually use their summoner spells (primarily Flash, tho). Their “strategies” are quite predictable, ofc, but at least they do attempt to split push, steal objectives, and such — the beginner bots don’t do anything except feed :laughing:

Stutter stepping isn’t a thing in League, fortunately!

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Also @hazeleyes and @NinjaBryden or anyone who plays League of Legends if I haven’t mentioned it before.

Add me in game if possible.

my IGN is the same as my username here

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Will do! I’m off this week, so I’ll be on quite a bit — likely in a party with my kids :sunglasses: We’ll invite you if we see you!

EDIT: Added!

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Sure I’ll do that. Mostly been playing smite, but I might get on League every now and then


Hi, welcome to League of Legends! I had a really long League of Legends journey and feel quite confident in my skills and gameplay today, but always keeping in mind bad games happen too.

I started out my journey with the bot lane in general, then mained on support. Especially the healing supports. I started out in 2012 when there weren’t too many of these sorts of supports but over time they just got better and better. Here’s a link to an article that may help you choose a healing support main if you would like to take that route: [Top 10] LOL Best Healing Champions (That Are Great!) | GAMERS DECIDE

Overall, always remember to not go so far up in lane, it easily gets you killed, if you start out with support, do not take CS, or minion kills from your bot laner, do not ‘steal’ their kills either, assists are just as important for you, especially with how many you get as a support as long as you are doing your job. Also remember to try and roam, no matter what lane you are in, it is always great to have map awareness and make sure your team has the help they need.

I hope I was able to help you out some! Good luck to you and friends!