I Just Discovered Why They Buffed Magnus' Ult!


I haven’t seen an Ardan being that strong, but maybe that’s me.


selling him for ice was over when they buffed him just about.

They buffed him because he was heavily under performing.


Ardan is reliable and quite viable, but not a priority pick anymore.


Not priority pick ? Highest pick rate with 66% pr that’s what i call priority, out of the 46 ranked games i played this patch Ardan was picked in 37 of them. Ardan has a Lorelai ult every 13 seconds, gauntlet is one of the best abilities in the game and just like any support this patch he can 1v1 any mage/carry with no damage items. Ardan is broken, your knowledge is scary lacking.


From all those how many times was he first/second picked? Priority pick isn’t picked a lot, it’s being picked first as a priority.


Pick rate does not = priority. The heroes with the highest pick rates tend to be A not good enough to ban, B reliable in every situation C easy to play, and D have no real alternatives that do the same thing.

For example kinetic and silvernail as arguably the only 2 top tier bot laners are far higher priority picks, but because they are often interchangeable as picks, and some players are more comfertable on easier/older heroes like gwen they still see far lower pick rates. This is despite Kinetic having almost 4% higher wr than ardan.


Mostly 1, 2nd or 3rd pick, the furthest Ardan goes without getting picked is 4th and 5th pick and that’s cause A side prioritized Kinetic and B side has some idris or vox one trick who just wants his hero secured. Ardan was also picked in almost every game at worlds.