I Just Discovered Why They Buffed Magnus' Ult!

It took me a while to learn magnus because of his pauses between attacks, but I finally learned how powerful he is outside of his ult and have a theory on why they buffed it: it’s not meant to be maxed in his optimal playstyle. Yes it’s nice to just blow people away with a maxed ult but his ult is best used to finish people off obviously rather than chunk a whole lot of dmg. That’s what his ability and basic combos are for, as well as his arcane missle perk.

Yes it’s really powerful but truly comboing Magnus’ abilities means having his B off cooldown as often as possible and utilizing it before your A. Obviously as your go to attack you want to max A in most situations (unless you’re that pro, kinda like Maxing Reza’s A, which you don’t have to), but Magnus really shines when you max out his B. I’m sure people know his B, A combo for clearing waves already (I actually put my first point in B rather than A now), but DAMN is his B useful when you have it more often and with more power.

Of course this might not be the real reason, but magnus shines so much outside of his ult when you learn how to use him it’s ridiculous. His wave clear is fine. His dmg is consistent if not oppressive if you combo his abilities and their marked effects. I actually think the range of magnus’ arcane missle marks needs a nerf because I swear I killed an enemy in river from lane who was fleeing just by getting off arcane missles alone. That’s ridiculous!

They buffed him mid-patch so he could sell better.


Lol BESIDES that, lol, I really do think he’s better with his B maxed for more availability than ult. Like how Reza is technically better with his B and C maxed but people max out his A because it’s safer.

I was spamming Magnus in Rumble the other day and damn those A+B double stun combos were some of the annoying stuff I’ve ever seen from a range hero on top of the bounce damage.
Altho. i was against some T6-7 scrubs.

Lol the speed at which magnus can deplete health with just his a & b alone is ridiculous. It falls off late game a bit but holy is it ruthless in mid.

He was already with glory, so doesn’t make sense that reason. He had a shit win rate and they had to buff him somehow.

If you have little to no glory and you’re someone who has no problem spending 5 bucks on a video game you’re gonna buy the new hero with ice you’re not gonna wait 2 weeks to accumulate 8000 glory. Obviously if the hero isn’t that sick you’re not gonna bother getting him at all, the hotfix was 100% intended to increase sales on Magnus, the hero was alright not great but not worthy of a hotfix either so they could have waited until the next patch to buff him.


Exactly, thats what they didnfor Gwen release .

You don’t know his stats before the buff, so can’t say they “weren’t that bad to justify a buff”. After the buff, when everyone said he was broken he had a 47%, and people said he was broken, imagine what he had when people were saying he was weak.

Maybe he was weak prior to the hotfix but he wasn’t so alarmingly weak that he needed a hotfix otherwise he’s unplayable. If he was unplayable like reza on release then by all means hotfix him, if he’s slightly underpowered then he should get the treatment of all the other heroes and wait for the next patch to be buffed.

That’s something we can only speculate on.

I’ve played and watched a decent bit of 5v5 ranked games when 3.9 was released and Magnus seemed fine. In my opinion win rates can be misleading, according to vgpro Anka and Ardan should balanced which obviously is wrong.

There was hotfix for TB and candies. So they took the chance to buff him at the same time. Hotfix wasn’t made for him.

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But Anka is almost always banned. By that time Magnus was neither banned nor played much. His win rate was near 40%, that’s horrible.

Gotta agree with @Sandiha on the winrate issue, especially since he’s a new hero. People need time to learn him properly before his winrate goes up, not to mention they didn’t do the best job of showing off his optimal combo in the video guide, which is B, AA, A, AA, AA again (proc B again on rebound), for non ultimate single target close range usage, and B, AA, wait for rebound stun, A (proc arcane missles), then AA (proc explosions) for multiple targets. Course you add the ult in any time to finish off an enemy that’s marked. Point is most people still don’t know how to combo him properly so hos winrate is probably affected by that.

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Ardan has highest pick rate while only being 19th in win rate with 50.3%, those numbers would suggest that he’s a balanced hero but he’s not he’s totally broken.

Even if that was the case, an extremely low win rate says he was weak, it’s not like it was very hard to know how to actually combo his abilities. It could easily be discovered by just reading his description on the abilities. Doesn’t matter how high the skill cap of a new hero is, it’s never been that low other than reza (who was useless at best).

@Sandiha the high pick rate my show that, I don’t think he is broken though.

Not broken ? After Lorelai Ardan and Churn are the best picks you can get

After lorelai, CW and Yates are the best ones you can get. My mistake, after lorelai it’s kinetic.

Biggest priority Lorelai then Churn Ardan Yates Kinetic, regardless all of these heroes are broken.