I Highly Recommend

Becoming a parent! It is so darn incredible and I’ve never been happier in my life (and I’m already someone with a pretty positive disposition). My wife and I welcomed our son, albeit a few weeks early, recently - and it has been a blast.

The changing of the diapers every 3 hours, the feeding at the same rate or a bit quicker, the all-day snuggles, the 12am, 3am, and 5am wake-up calls - it’s literally all AWESOME! I don’t have time to be tired because I’m too darn in love.

Suffice to say, I don’t have nearly as much time to post here or play games in general, but I wanted to share some positive cheer with this positive community. Yay.



Congrats!! Those are great news.


Congratulations! Thing that surprised me most as parent was how anxious I am when people other than my wife hold him. I had guess I wouldn’t be this protective, but was wrong.

Also, babies poop way more than I expected.


Congratz! :cheers_boba_t2: :cheers_minioncandy_t2:

Congratulation! This thread is so wholesome and positive

Life as you knew it is over – your life will never be the same. (And I mean that in a very good way!)

Congratulations! :partying_face:


:baby: + :baby_bottle: = :poop:


I knew what to expect in regards to number of diapers/day, but to see it firsthand - whew!

Is this the equation… The answer to the ultimate question… ‘What is the meaning of life?’… :thinking:


This is the real world math they don’t teach you in college.


I love babies and would love to be a parent…

Too bad that requires getting a partner first.

:sob: :sob:


I heard that pets can somewhat replace a baby/child but even so I can’t get a pet either :sunny_okokok: :lanceheresy:

Should we start a GoFundMe for @DIMTI to have a monkey? He’d obviously be contractually obligated to name it Ozo.


I’m pretty sure a monkey would be just as much, if not more, work than raising a child due to their innate wild natures and I really don’t trust myself enough to take care of either lmao

Alternatively I can abandon all my plans to for the future in favor of studying zoology to be one with the Ozos

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I have 2 parakeets, they’re adorable.


Nice! Congrats man. Here’s some positive vibes for you, your child, and your wife! :partying_face:


Yeah, but you can teach a monkey to play VG and become an Ozo main


Hm you have a fair point there, with my Ozo knowledge and a monkey’s firsthand experience being monky, I could make the peak Ozo main that would win every match in the pretty much non-existent competitive scene 1v5.

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Congrats , I once read a post from a guy he said it’s been a long time since his last child and wanted a new baby he said he miss waking up early and buying diapers , I think its weird like it remind of exams with waking up late studying and pressure and struggle , but once you finish the exams you miss all what annoyed you … interesting .

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Congrats @Lebatron ! Glad to see you’re enjoying being a parent. Not sure if I’ll go with your recommendation though, I don’t think it’s for me or my partner, we’re agreed on that.

If you’re really serious and think you could cope, you could adopt? Not sure where you are or what the laws on that are like there but if (and that’s a big if) I ever change my mind on children I’d go with adoption.

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Here’s some more information on Leb Jr.

Base stats: (lv 1-12)
HP 1-1
Armor 1-1
Shield 1-1
Move Speed 0.9-1 (I mean, the little man can’t even crawl yet!)

Perk: Charmer
No matter what Leb Jr is doing, enemy heroes are helplessly drawn toward him with intense infatuation.

A: Pucker Up
Jr gives you a sad face with his lower lip puckered up as he squints longingly for your attention. Enemy heroes are immobilized for 3 seconds and take 200% bonus damage if Jr casts his B ability

B That’s A Stinky One
Jr just couldn’t hold it. After channeling for 1.0 seconds, he emits a melodious toot. A deathly smell rapidly radiates out of him in a 20m range in all directions. Enemies lose 10% of their max health per second over the next five seconds that they’re caught in his ghastly aura. Immobilized heroes from his A remain immobilized for the duration. All others, despite their distaste for Jr’s stench continue to be drawn closer by his perk. He’s just too darn cute!

C Snuggle-saurus
Enemy heroes that try to attack Jr (thinking it’s a 1 hit KO) end up snuggling the little nugget for the next 5 minutes. Meanwhile, all of Jr’s allies receive a 150% boost to all stats (including bonuses) for the duration so they can get as many errands done as possible over the next 5 minutes


Sounds really OP, you’re truly blessed to be able to play with such a good hero.