I haven't played in a while what is meta?

Haven’t played 3.5 update. What is meta for all roles?
Please give me links if a topic is already there.

Bot lane main here, so I’ll start with that
S - Kinetic (WP). Generally banned.
A - Vox, Baron, Ringo, Idris, Kensei, Blackfeather
B - Varya, Gwen, Glaive, :b: ony
C - SAW, Petal, Rona

I have no idea where WP Skye goes (A or B)

S - Nobody tbh
A - Celeste, Samuel, Skaarf, Reza
B - Varya, Skye, Idris, Malene, Baron, Anka
C - Baptiste, Kinetic (CP)

Probably the most balanced lane. Anyone in B tier is mostly there because they’re not very good at contesting jungle invades, but they’re as good as A tiers if the enemy team doesn’t have a jungler that can invade well.

S - Captains
A - Pretty much everything else

Although Captains with high base damage are the safest and most consistently powerful picks in this lane, you can make pretty much anything work here except squishy late game Melee carries like Kensei or Anka. Just make sure to bring a Book if Eulogies.

S - Glaive, Tony, Anka, Malene, Reza, Alpha
A - Kinetic, Baron, Blackfeather, Fortress, Flicker, Ozo, Grumpjaw, Lance
B - Baptiste, Reim
C - Petal

There’s so many junglers that I probably forgot about one or two. No flame plz.

S - Phinn, Ardan, Lyra
A - Churn, Cath, Lorelai, Adagio, Grace
B - Flicker, Fort
C - Tony, Glaive, Bap

I’m gonna be honest you almost never see anything other than the first three.


My boy krul gets no love :frowning: anyway, what position would you put him in I don’t really see him played except when I play him I think he may fall into the low-A high-B

!!! I knew I was forgetting someone
Looking back, I realised I forgot Joule too
For Krul, he would be A for jungle. I’ve seen people take him top but it seems quite risky, so I would put a giant question mark over that right now. Krul isn’t exactly bad, but it’s difficult to get value out of him late game in teamfights, especially with all these top lane captains. However, if you can duel and invade a weaker enemy jungler (Especially if they’re something like Anka) you can turn the match into a 4v5
Joule is a B in bot lane and a B in jungle. If you want to go CP, she would be a C in midlane. Bump up her stats a little bit if you can guarantee the enemies won’t invade you. WP Joule can do a lot of damage and she can take a lot of damage from one side but she struggles at everything else, so I wouldn’t recommend her unless you’re very confident. CP Joule is a counterpick. Use her if you think it’s a good idea.

Also SAW CP Mid is a C.
Maybe I should have opened a wiki so I wouldn’t miss any characters.

My favorite heroes in each role this patch, in no particular order -
Reza (trades well into carries, spikes hard with an Aftershock. Good early game means he’s good into Baron and Vox – if he makes it past ban phase.)
Catherine (very good as an off-tank. Go CD Cath, spam A throughout the game to get very tanky. SC AS PW is core on her, get RD for the barriers as well. A MJ/AP/SH is pretty essential to not lose your lane hard.)
Ardan (get SC then CPl, build into a PW and defense as necessary)
Grace (SC CPl then SG for heals)
Adagio (SC SS CPl is a core build I like)
Lorelai (great splitpusher, I build AC SG CW BM on her. Trades reasonably well into most ranged carries and good into melees such as BF and alpha)

Celeste (always a standard pick. SF DE/SG CW BM)
Samuel (one of the best at zoning, still good despite nerfs. Same build as Celeste)
Anka (if you can get her through bans. SG CW SF BM is a build I prefer, though you can get AS)
Varya (great late game, rather easy to snowball with as well)

Vox (always meta. SM BP TT over PS BP SB this patch)
Baron (pretty much the best ATM imo, snowballs quickly with his powerspike in mid game, scales extremely well into late. SB/SM BP TM TM)
Blackfeather (actually really strong rn since he can duel the tank tops very effectively. Also good in teamfights. The usual SM BP SB/BS works)
Kestrel (I’d say she’s a bit outclassed by the other bot laners but still very good. SB BP TM TM)
Gwen (not as strong as before but excels in snowballing which is pretty important in bot. SB BP TM TM is my go-to. TB is no longer effective)
Alpha (very hard to trade into as a top laner. Snowballs very easily. SM BP BS is core, often you’ll go double defense after BP as on BF.)
Kinetic (still OP. SSW SM BP SB/BS is what I build on her. Again, if she makes it past ban phase.)

Erm realized I forgot the other roles. #carrymain :frowning:

Ardan, Lyra, Grace, Phinn - you get the idea, sustain captains are the meta.

Glaive (good at early pressuring with afterburns. Max A first then B. I personally think TB is still good on him, it’s cheap and pairs very well with A and B, but others disagree.)
Malene (jungle malene is still OP.)
Anka (again, if she makes it through bans)
Alpha (honestly wouldn’t recommend in higher tiers, because she falls off pretty hard late; see bot alpha build.)


Bot: Kenetic, Vox, Baron, Skye, Ringo, Kensei, Idris
Top: Cath, Ardan, Adagio, Lorelai, Reza
Mid: Celeste, Samuel, Skaarf, Varya, Anka, Malene
Jungle: Tony, Glaive, Reza, Baptiste, Fortress
Captain: Lyra, Lorelai, Ardan, Adagio, Churn