I hate this forum and Reddit so much

Sorry, but the Discourse UI is so deeply botched on every level: posting, searching, or even just browsing here is agonizing.

Discourse is such a UI from hell I even gave Reddit another try. Nope. It’s the festering swamp of memes, fanboi posturing, and every substantive post instantly down voted into Oblivion. It fills me with despair that VG devs actually consider themselves to be getting constructive criticism there. I mean I can see why they like it, all sunshine and lollipops. But their game is going to get worse with a lack of credible feedback.

I just want some Vainglory discussion. On a usable UI! Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes, it is. :frowning_face:


This discourse UI is far less friendly than the old UI I have to agree on that. It is far better than reddit though.

Have you tried discord?


Wait am I the only one who really likes this new forums and it’s UI?


No forgot about discord. Last hope I guess. I like the mods so I followed them here, but they’ve chosen a forum software that is beyond hopeless.

The mods are on discord too



Discord VG huh… You could have a discussion a year ago. But now it just feels like random convos mishmash ending with someone talking about Aliens or Anime(Guilty sometimes). But it’s good for finding players and then chatting with them via dm or on a different private server.

You mention that you are looking for discussion … What are you having trouble finding? Or using?

Do you have any constructive criticism, or is this just a rant?


no, you are not. i really prefer discord over the old forums. being able to just check the new stuff, dissmiss anything uninteresting and following the threats i read is really easy.


I have posted some of actual problems in the past. I don’t think it can be fixed. Everything is just so awkward, from the layout to the horribly over-busy post-notification drop down. Feels like walking through deep sand to do anything.

I thoroughly disagree, as my experience is exactly the opposite. But de gustibus non disputandum est.

In any case, Discourse is what this forum uses. You can learn more about it and try to get comfortable with it, which is what most people here have done … or not. But as I was gently hinting, just ranting isn’t likely to generate discussion that’s helpful to anyone.


You must have came here earlier when there was 20 different sub-forums. Now it’s just a few and is easy to navigate(unless I just don’t know how to find those 20 different categories) if you just look at the home page for a bit you’ll see how easy it really is.


I remember your feedback from here: Forum UI flow confusing … but I don’t remember others. Was this your main issue, or is there more?

As for that thread, I think I misread you. You were looking for some kind of “take me to unread posts” button while you were already in the thread, where hazeleyes and I answered the question more generally. That is, going to “new” from the hamburger menu, or from the main navigation bar, site-wide. This should still do what you want though… by default it takes you to the latest unread content in the linked post. Let me know if I’m still misreading you though.


trying out new things is always going to be confusing at first. everything requires time to be put into.
On a personal note, i usually visit this site once per day or two and its not that hard to surf around considering i have yet to browse through the whole forum.


The home page is a mess. I Don’t use that page ever it is so cluttered…


Wait why are you contradicting my own opinion? I’m just being honest here i personally prefer this than the old forums because of it’s good looking UI and it’s layout.


He said discord, but I suspect he meant discourse (the name of this forum software). Unfortunate typo (auto-correct?), since it would mean the exact opposite of what he meant lol.

Kind of like how you said my when I think you meant your… :wink:


Oh yeah it was a typo, i was trying to explain that i just personally prefer this forums than the old one.


I think he actually meant DISCORD because he is comparing two forums.


Maybe it seems awkward because there’s an actual whole site to navigate through? A whole site that you have to re-learn? Maybe it seems difficult because there’s actually so many complex features and interactive subforums that it takes a few hours of browsing and interacting to understand, since it’s not laid out for 2 year olds? :thinking:


The UI really isn’t that bad. I’ll admit at first I found it a lot to take in, but, as I spent time with it I became more familiar with navigating and how it works and honestly I’d choose this forum a thousand times over Reddit. Reddit’s community is disgusting. I hate to use such a strong word, and I’ve even made a post about it in the past, myself. I have since barely checked the subreddit. I can’t stand it.

If you need help navigating this site and its UI you should definitely ask for some tips, it’s far simpler than it appears to be at first.

Forget the Discord, both Vainglory’s official and the subreddit Discord are both nightmares.