I hate minimap on the left and healing flask

Minimap is always on the right side in 3v3, why put it in the left thou? Also, I am not used to play with the healing flask next to ability icon. I always mistouch skill A with it.

Besides there are too many lags when playing 5v5

The mini map is set up that way because 5v5 set up to play from left to right. It would obstruct the direction you generally move too.

I agree with the flask 100% though. The ability boxes are too scrunched together and I wish they were wider.

the flask placement messes me up too! I’m so used to it being in the ability slot, when I don’t see it there I forget I have it as if I’ve sold it… I get the balanced look with the cams on one side and the flask on the other, but I wish it just took up an inventory slot instead ;-;

I also strongly dislike the map on the left hand side. I’m sure I could get used to it but I actually think it’s worse on that side.

I’m fine with the map location. I could be a little smaller. The flask and cams should move to bottom right with the Port and Shop. The “?” could do on the matchup screen. I know there is a 4th item there but I can’t think of it…

Yeah this was the longest on going argument I had during the testing phase - While I am used to it now I would still prefer it on the other side and yes I think there are physiological reasons why its better on the right side (because right handed dominance makes your reaction times slightly faster).

I still think this should be something that players choose and that the discontinuity between 3v3 and 5v5 is very jarring in part because of this.

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Hear hear! I am constantly glancing at the wrong side of the screen in both modes now. It’s very disconcerting.

Easy fix, delete the flask. Free mini fountain + shield is pretty bad imo.

The main reason I hate map on the left because it is very hard to use Teleporting Boots with it. To use the boots, I have to use left middle finger to scan area, then use left point finger to choose the boots (i am afraid to choose boots early because it doesnt have any activation sign and easy to choose wrong target) and use fingers on my right hand to choose the ally.

I think I need to go to doctor’s of I keep playing with Teleprt Boots

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It also makes pings much harder to use effectively.

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I agree, I am not used to ping in 5v5.
In 3v3 i use the midddle finger to scan map, point finger to choose pings (it is above the map so it is easier to touch) and left fingers to choose the area.

I don’t understand the argument against mostly customizable in-game UI’s. It’s the equivalent of telling Golfers what kind of clubs they can use (obviously it’s within guidelines) or a basketball player what shoes he has to wear. Personal preference should absolutely be a thing here.


I have no issues whatsoever. 8+ matches never a misclick. But I play on a tablet.

For phone users? Cause I find the ui intuitive on my tablet…

Could be me being a little paranoid here, but weren’t the ability boxes a lot bigger last patch?

It is much smaller in this patch. I don’t know why,

Now I know why it is smaller. They make it likes 'you have 5 abilities which includes flask and cam’
So they make the ability box smaller to put flask and cam so that those 5 will have same width as old ability box

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I don’t have a problem with the map location, tho it was quite difficult at first, I eventually got used to it. (Since I stopped playing 3v3 altogether)

But I completely agree with the flask thing. I’ve tapped my flask countless number of times while in a tense situation where I am running away from the enemy trying to kite. That has resulted in me dieing a lot of times rip :frowning:

Another thing is the zoom in/out and the free cam button.
They are a bit too close to the purple button which let’s you select the pings. Anytime I want to :okx99: ping, I end up tapping either of those buttons, which is kinda annoying.