I got this vox skin

So like i got this sick skin and im thinking of crafting it but idk since i dont even have vox lol. Should i just destroy it or like is this skin like SUPER kewl to even destroy

Don’t destroy it, you can always wait for when you have Vox, but in general BP, specially legendary ones, are too hard to obtain to afford destroying them.


Another vote for keeping it …

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I’m just here to agree with him ^. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’re not gonna play Vox but Vox is a character who is always top meta and is viable in almost every position so I recommend you get him.


Okay i see. Thanks then i shall try tk get enough glory to get it

Watch them nerf Vox next patch lmao

There are more to consider with that skin besides not having Vox. I vote for keeping it but the skin has a lot of particles and its effects are really intense. So if you know that you are going to lag a little bit you might wanna reconsider. If you are smooth for the most part then hell yeah craft it and get Vox.

It’s like how I got the Saw L skin bp but don’t care for the hero at all. (But I do have him lel) I’d just keep it in case. Maybe if you get another L skin and need essence, otherwise I wouldn’t.

i own the skin and it’s definitely my fav for vox
sound effects are more rounded? i guess? idk how to describe it, but for me it’s much better than the sharp sfx on his other skins
i like blue, the color is calming
he does twirls!!
his projectiles are snowflakes that turn to ice shards

I know you just mispelled how but I imagine that you just called him a hoe aggressively haha.