I Finally Understand Dodging When Necessary

And I might start recording matches again so the stupidity I go through on a daily basis is well documented, logged, and on full display. Never have I wanted to player shame more.

So we start the draft with 2 captains, a top laner, and a bottom laner I guess. Pretty standard, right? Except our captains were Silvernail and Varya. It gets better. Our top laner was Rona and our bot was Tony. Oh and me? I was Grumpjaw. 2nd pick. Silvernail was first.

Fun fking times.

We had probably 10-12 deaths and lost 6 turrets before the 8 minute mark. But stick together guys! Don’t give up! We can still take freaking ghostwing instead of blackclaw because that’s the priority! And hero of the day Tony can 1v4 and save the day! So nobody surrender! I can’t wait until the next update. I need my wins to mean more, stat, because these losses are simply becoming depressing.

And yes, I’ve been salty as hell lately, because this is ridiculous.


Happens to me all the time in t10

I am.ashamed to admit that i did that keke

Did…that? O_o.

@cha0z Please tell me that’s some form of sarcasm I’m misunderstanding. Please tell me it gets better. Better than THAT at least. I mean who the heck makes Varya a captain! I asked my team what is this crap after they did the 3rd-5th picks, watching the whole enemy team pick ranged and barrier heroes and the other useful heroes on my team pick melee. Then Varya switched to the captain role. Then someone just said ‘chaos’.

Chaos was not the word. It was crap, is what it was.

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I mean I trolled. Because others were trolling… so there is jo point even trying to dodge when I know I am gonna loose lol

Oh lol. Yeah true. I thought you meant you were in the game and put me through that…14 or so minutes of suffering. Yeah I do the same thing too sometimes depending on how bad it is. I try not to. But sometimes it’s like…yeah team, I’m gonna go jungle and clear empty lanes of minions for the rest of the match. Y’all wanna win, you guys gotta stop doing stupid stuff and start getting some kills. And stop dying. I ain’t gonna do it for ya no more.

Nope, a lot of absurd picks/drafts and always accompanied with bad gameplay.

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Smh lol. I swear, if this game wasn’t so good when you actually get a good match…

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