I feel like Reza does too much damage - should he be hotfixed?

Y’all should hotfix Reza. Just nerf his damage to heroes and increase his damage to minions to help his wave clear.

Edit: FYI this was initially a reply to Nivmett nerfing Grace thread.

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Nah, he is balanced, no need of a nerf.

He’s fine. In an even match he does miserable in teamfights and finds success in 1v1 or maybe even 2v1 depending on the matchup. That one nerf wasn’t the only thing that happened to him, because the new/reworked items work well against him, specifically Slumbering Husk. His damage bursts hard but given an opportunity he can be outdamaged because there is a good one second where he manages to do nothing. Just try to damage him when he tries to CS at level 1 and keep distance when he reaches level 2. Buy shield in your first back and it should all be good. That is if you’re ranged. If you’re melee just smack him when he tries to go in and it’ll result in an even trade in most cases unless you’re Idris or some squishy melee.

Reza doesn’t quite need a hotfix, but only because he requires a level of skill to tap his full potential. If he was as easy as Grace when it came to damaging and sticking to opponents, he would be hotfixed, but he requires timing to dive appropriately, and the 2-3 seconds between every burst where he isn’t doing any dmg needs to be managed critically.

All that said, a good Reza is the most deterring hero to face 1v1, with exceptions being critical builds on some crit+lifesteal heroes. Even 2-3 vs 1 he can still be daunting, especially if he has a DE and has built up stacks. Problem is you can’t nerf Reza’s dmg without tipping the scales for non-skilled Reza players or non-glass-cannon Reza players. You also can’t nerf Reza’s cooldowns without defeating his core mechanic, which is using his abilities to reposition and stick to opponents. Reza is broken by design compared to other heroes because no hero besides Varya has a kit like his and her abilities have cast delay and an energy cost. Everyone else’s dashes are slower, shorter, etc. even if they have range, like Idris.

I constantly go 20+ kills without even trying with him. But point being, he’s not really all that nerf-able. Maybe they can take his speed boosts away to make him more challenging but that’s about it, and he’s already challenging enough to people who don’t understand when to use his abilities, which is why they probably added them in the first place.

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You all say yet he has one of the highest winrates, highest pickrates all while having one of the highest ban rated. Grace Reza and Lyra are the only heroes able to boast all three stats even Kensei and Malene have low pickrates(Well Malene also has a low winrate). Those are the heroes I believe need nerfs also, Lyra needs her early game harassment nerfed while Reza and Grace need damage nerfs . Grace has already received her Reza and Lyra will be on the chopping block.

I know you guys are gonna argue “well those aren’t all the numbers” but Nivmett himself said those numbers are accurate enough and have only a range of few percentages.

Again, Reza doesn’t need a dmg nerf. He can be handled quite well if he doesn’t build items. There’s no nerf they can give Reza without breaking his early-midgame so dmg nerfs are a moot point to me. He’s fundamentally broken by his mechanics. And no hero currently surpases him in full build mobility and dmg except crit builds. It is what it is.

hate to break it to you, but anyone is easily handled if they dont build items


lol true but Reza is literally nothing without his build. Some heroes have some base dmg to cover them. Reza becomes a potato if you snowball him. I guess the best way of saying it is he has no flex.

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First time I used Reza I went 15-0. He’s not that hard tbh, you just land A and then dash in then make 1 auto then run away or dash away (laning phase). His dashes are long and give bursty speed boost. There’s a reason he’s often banned in draft so I guess he’s nerf-worthy next patch, but not hot fixed like Grace


I don’t think a damage nerf is needed but just a cooldown increase on his B. So he doesn’t spike that hard with Aftershock but instead Clockwork. A good Reza when running away would be throwing fires backwards so he can get his dash off cooldown while a bad Reza would just keep running when he is trying to get his dash off cooldown. If he is going to get a nerf then that should be it, because otherwise he just gets outclassed as a burst assassin by something like warrior Glaive who bursts just as hard and can counter Reza in lane. A CD increase would also make it easier to lock him down in lane.

Basically a person who mastered Reza does damage for a reason, but individuals who just play him because he is meta should suffer when using him. Give some rhythm to his combos I guess.

He is now having 52.64% winrate now, but its not because he is OP. His damage is very high in mid game leads to a snowball and noob people never know how to react when opponents taking the lead. Otherwise, he is a moderate champs in my opnion. He has DPS, he has burst, he has mobility in his kit, but that’s just it. No CC, no initiating, no disengage, etc.
If you guys have a feeling that he deals too much damage then he deserves, try to build some shield as early as you could. And most important, DONT DIE.

I’m sorry but Reza has godly engages and disengages


Oh WOW don’t die. Thx man this really helps me out I don’t know why I didn’t think of this. Reza has insane damage and a slumbering husk won’t stop it, the item just gives you time to run away but that’s useless against Reza with his mobility.

Reza has some of the best base damage. The fact that he can build AS and be bursty shows that he has natural base damage. If he didn’t he would need to build shatter glass first like every other mage.

Well yeah but once someone builds defense that burst is gone without at least a brokenmyth and another cp item

He is pretty balanced, defense is a little useful. (Rip Buy defense items ping)

Anyways, hotfixes cost SEMC a lot of money and are only used during very important things or emergencies.

I really don’t think he needs hotfixing, I only said that in relation to the Grace hotfix. I do think he needs to be nerfed still for reasons already stated but I’ll just have to keep hoping he is banned for now.

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Nope. Engage heroes are heroes who having abilities to pin down enemy, forcing them to attack back and make a big fight (or they have to lose CD of valuable items, such as Boots or Aegis). I.e: Ardan uses Ultimate and trap Ringo only. Because he doesn’t have Aegis so he has to stand back or he would be stunned for 2s and vaporized. Now because he is a carry so Lyra has to save him somehow, by casting Ultimate or A or some sort to stop enemy from killing Ringo. All allies nearby has to throw out their abilities and CCs to make sure Ringo escapes. Everything becomes a chaos and while Ringo’s team doing that, other people in Ardan’s team can join in, kill Ringo and sweep everybody else. The way Ardan forces a combat to be happened is what engaging heroes do.
Disengage abilities are abilities that can help allies escape when they are likely to be caught up by a gank or by enemy engaging heroes. I come to Ardan’s Ulti again, when Lyra uses C + B to catch his Ringo, Ardan quickly uses Ulti, overlapping the portal to make sure when enemies coming out from portal, they will be stunned immediately. And by this way, Ringo can escape. The way Ardan forces Lyra’s team not to have a big combat is disengaging.

Reza can’t do that, obviously. He can only run away.

As I already stated, he was born to abuse people in early game. Otherwise, he sucks at every other things.
He can’t build AS. If he does that his damage will drop a lot after 15:00.
Not other mages build shatterglass first. Really if I see someone build a Shatterglass first, I will be happy. Easy laning for me when they don’t have Spellfire.

And again, don’t die in laning phase. I don’t care what heroes are your opponent. Countered or not, if you die in 1v1, or called solokilled, you are bad. That’s all.
And yes, I never lose against Reza in laning phase. Why? Because I always throw out everything I have to clear the wave, pushing creeps into his turret and he doesn’t have tools to quickly clear them so… Mostly he stucks next to his turret. After I see him do that? Going for warding and taking jungle minions. By the time I am coming back, creeps are at my base and he won’t dare to dive pre lv8.
When everybody hits 8 and I have the 800 gold Shield on me, one combo of Reza takes me around 30% HP while my Gwen delete him (or at least 50% of his HP if he don’t wanna to kill me offf).
Basicly, Reza is just a noob champ. Ez to deal with him.

There’s no point in arguing you’re just gonna think what you think.

Gotta disagree, and agree with anyone that says his engages and disengages are brutal. He doesn’t need a capt unless it’s 2-3 v 1, and even then, only against ranged heroes. 3v1 against melee can be shut down brutally with no Capt.