I feel like people are using Samuel wrongly and it really puts me on edge

I personally build samual shatterglass for strong early game… then build eve of harvest etc.

I love playing samuel and bullying their team. Using my perks on their heros for sustain.

You can actually build glass cannon on sam, SG, DG, SF and EOH. Boots and reflex block of cus. Or if you want safer build, build yourself another armour.

Things you should know about Sam,

1st, never go near the enemy espescially if they are in group. Never go unless the enemy is alone and is low on health.

2nd, use your B wisely. Yes it helps you to clear waves faster but use it when there are lesser minions and when your B is activated. Target the hero as much as you can near their minions. Make them flee, bully them. This situation is meant if you against 1 hero. Never try to use your B in upwards direction because it forces you to walk towards them or their turret, the enemies’ territory. Use your B sidewards or in 45 degrees towards the bush where is there is visions. Or you can use your B from enemy territory towards your turrets. Visions are important, the moment you spot them entering the bush, flee away from them and attack them as you flee.

If the enemy team is fleeing and chucked together. Use your B that moves towards them but slightly away so you have some gap to flee in case. Or if they chasing your team. Backwards B and attack them, stay at opposite far egde of the circle.

3rd, your ult is pretty much a tool to scare them. In 1v1, if the enemy is low on health and your B is activated. Use your ult where u predict there will go which prevents them.from going there and use your A to finish them off.

Or you can use your B to cancel their ultimate like Ringo’s, Adagio’s, Grace heal or koshka ult. I usually use my ult after their enemy captain uses their crucible and especially if they in group then I activate my B and attack them. You can even you ult to prevent them from fleeing or chasing you. You can even drop your ult on the location you are on example when glaive afterburns, you can drop your ult and flee. Or when reza use his ult, drop it when he comes up and flee. It gives you time to position yourself in safe distance.



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I prefer DE, CW, FB, BM or SF, CW, DE, BM (not in this orther as it may change). What i see is the people ususally dont abuse his range. He has 12 range with the empowered A, why do people get near to almost sniper range?

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Yes, it puts me on edge. Like you had clear shot to eliminate the enemy but you not doing it… and wasting it on minions?

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yeh i’ve seen all sorts of Samuel players. it’s alright. don’t sweat it. you get good and you get bad.

I can land both my malice and verdicts (from one shot) on a koshka pouncing on me and a skye who’s goin sideways every 2 seconds. but that’s at my very best.

landing 2 MV’s (from one shot) in 2 completely different directions is takes some serious concentration and prediction.

I also miss sometimes with i’m just not feelin my best. Early game it’s actually better to land your MV’s at the minions, because you clear faster and push them back. you damage is too low to make a difference to their health. I can still hit them, easy. I just choose not 2.

it’s when you get your first T3 item you start landing them. At my best, I almost never miss. Even against high mobility heroes diving me, evading, etc. At my worst, i’m just relying on some luck that my second MV will hit, but i deliberately aim my second MV at a bunch of creeps if i know the target is too far.

Samuel is quite hard to master. it takes some serious skill to make it look so effortless. I’m always landing my MV’s OUTSIDE maximum range (sometimes it’s even out of the screen range and can’t even see the damage, but i know it hit) it’s easy and each Samuel player should learn that at the very least. then get into landing targets at 12 o’clock and 9 o’clock. then move onto landin 12, 10 and 12,6 … etc.

Throwing out your B should be at maximum range ( so your first MV is at Max range, so your 2nd, 3rd gets easier). The direction to throw just depends on where you can walk and the flow of battle.

Again… EVEN THE BEST have their moments. You get players who just don’t want to walk where You think they’re going to walk. that’s when you need to quickly recognize their pattern and adjust the path of your MV’s. NOT EASY against a good player.


True, samual players requires strong synergy and team effort.

I feel like people are spelling Samuel wrongly and it really puts me on edge

Honestly, Eve isn’t a necessity on Sam. You kind of have monster sustain already with your passive. I agree though, Shatterglass is a pretty good first item on him and you have the option of Frostburn instead of it if you’re worried of being dived on.

Second item is definitely Clockwork. Why? If you hit more of your As (which is pretty easy with the cloud empowerment) you’ll get more than 2 clouds in one fight which is massive.

Third and fourth item is usually a toss-up between Spellfire, Broken Myth and Dragon’s Eye. Well, Myth is always in the mix, it’s only Eye vs Spellfire. Assess the situation and see if you need more burst or the fights are just going too long that DE is a great pick up.

Cloud usage and positioning is the hallmark of a great Samuel player. Most legit Sam players can get 5-7 barrages of As using one cloud just by dancing around the edge. There’s a split second where your next A is empowered if you just left a cloud so that’s important too. I think using the cloud is always optimal at an angle which allows you to kite around the edges of the battlefield.

Ult is a zoning tool and a crucible burner. My favorite use, however, is to just CC someone to death by using it as a follow-up.

Oops, I am gonna correct that now since I knew i made a mistake which puts me on edge.

I never thought about clockwork, since his A has low cooldown while on drifting dark. I prefer eve of harvest as it helps me sustain and brings me to advantage. You can get a massive heal in one attack if the enemies teams are together. Spellfire and dragoneye for further burst and burn damage.

I guess that my standard build. And i agree with what you said too.

If you play him dancing around the edge of the fights you’ll never need more sustain than your perk gives you honestly.

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Hmm, I shall give a try with clockwork in casual first for practice

Samuel + " puts me on edge " = E D G Y


I usually go sg de cw BM or de sf CW BM depending on the enemy team. I don’t buy everything because you shouldn’t be getting that close to the enemy team.

I thought this was basic knowledge. I don’t see Samuel a lot after his nerf and Celeste and Skaarf’s next to nothing needs I guess players could be dumb enough to not know this.