I don’t like the squished new layout!

I’m not sure if anyone can directly help me with the following. I’m not getting errors or anything. I’m just complaining. I don’t know if admins can look into this or something.

I am having a problem with the new squished layout. I liked it when is was spread out. This just hurts my eyes because nothing is spaced apart. There also should be an option to click multiple people to delete from the friends list. I also think there should be a place where you see how many times you’ve played with a person, victories, losses, etc.

Also, I noticed that if I’m saying something to somebody and the accept page for a match starts I cannot get out of keyboard.

The chat threads by themselves are way too spaced out. There’s also no spell/auto correct in either during the matches or when you’re talking to someone outside of a match. There are many issues with this update. The new hero looks fun to play though!!!

Device: iPhone 8
OP: 12.1.4

This might be the wrong place to post this. I’m learning. Please help me out if it is. Thanks!!


Hiya buddy. A few things:

Firstly, I agree with you. It’s so much less user friendly, feels like SEMC did a rushed job of it.

Secondly, I’m not sure if you realise this or not, but just in case you don’t: These are community-run forums, the game devs rarely go on here and even more rarely reply directly. We can’t do anything about ingame changes, other than complain, which is best done in #vainglory-discussion:the-salt-mine. If you do want to complain or report bugs to SEMC, best thing to do is go to the official vainglory website, go to support and write them an email.

Third: if you’re looking for a place to find your match stats, try the vgpro website. I know there’s a pop-up version ingame, but there’s more detail on the actual site. They have an app too.

But while you’re here, check out the forums, we’ve always got some cool discussions goin on! Hope you get your problems sorted (and become a regular forumer - we always like to see new people :P)