I didn't receive elo after winning a game

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As some of you may know recently the SEA servers were down about 6-7 hours ago I believe? Unfortunately I was in a ranked game that went on for 30 minutes. When I exited the game, I was unable to connect to server - and when the servers were back up, there was absolutely no trace of my game anywhere - I didn’t gain elo, the match didn’t show up on API sites. It was like I didn’t play the game at all.

…but I did…2 wins away from hitting Vainglorious, so naturally I’m a bit annoyed. I emailed support but I haven’t even gotten the email saying they received my complaint. I doubt I’ll get my elo back, but I feel like there should be failsafes for this sort of thing.

This happened to me once as well – unfortunately, I suspect you’re out of luck: when this happened to me, there was no trace of the match in the API, indicating that the data for that match was lost.

With nothing to work from (i.e., no data on the servers), there’s really nothing SEMC can do.

I agree, it’s an extremely frustrating situation when it happens. Fortunately, it seems to be rare.

happened to me wayyy back in 3v3. You’re not alone.

I remember a streamer was pushing to vg first time and he was 1 win away from vg and he won but the game didn’t register , then he lost , but he then played in party and won twice and hit vg .

No hope for getting the elo back , it’s gone .
Just focus on your next games .

Also semc never ever give elo back.
They say they are unable to…

your comment reminded me of another post about a player stuck in number 1 spot in SEA at 3120 (5v5) elo.

SEMC also cannot take away elo, even though it’s so clear that it’s a bug.

A quick check of the IGN on vgpro shows the player has no match history… don’t know what that means…


Thanks everyone, I suppose I should just focus on future games. The only problem is I suck and I feel like if I start grinding hard I’ll drop to SA. :haha:

@hazeleyes, I recently added the bot Andromeda to my discord server and saw you did work on it. That’s very cool and thanks for all you’ve done for the API!

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