I comeback to play this game and

I dont known what happen to the rank match making or I just decay to where its the cancer tier of the rank.
I got match with trolls, (and in my team of course)
for 3 matches in a row now ;^;
Before i left this game. The worst thing i got is just a bad team mate and a soft troll.
Are old player really leaving? or im just salty

In what mode?


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Its rank on 3v3. I decay to tier 6 only.

Then it shouldn’t be like that, right now 3v3 in terms of players (quality and quantity as is played as much as 5v5 but requires less players) and Match Maker is in a far better spot than 5v5. Ranked being better than casual.

I play ranked exclusively for the most part - very rarely do I play casual, and, I can actually vouch for your experiences.

I have no elo decay affecting me, but 3v3 is a well of toxic players - much worse than 5v5 is. This is of course my own experience, that may differ for others on the forums but I constantly get met with trolls, unskilled players (way different than my tier) and people who disconnect/abandon quite often.


Not the case in the superior region of SEA. 3v3 ranked is where MM dumps anyone and anything together.

Well, here in EU is like how I said. Rip SEA

I know SEA is bad but long ago its not this bad

In NA my experience is 3v3 is full of troll with a handful of decents. Either way t6 is gonna have a good amount of trolls with the rank rewards

Maybe is only good in high tiers? Idk.

I am old player in SEA and yes I start to leave this game. The update 3.0 and later caused the chaos to my ranked game. Until now I still paired with new players and trollers with no idea to play this game. The bad pings everytime exists which sudden drop to 2000ms which is hard to cope. Before the 3.0, the game was so much better and fun and I always paired with good players even in low tiers. But what happen now…I think it os time to say goodbye to VG from old player like me.

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