I am sick and tired of people trolling in draft

Not sure if this is the right category for me to put the thread in…

When we have last pick, and they troll… when me and other person constantly message to pick that hero to counter their jungler or carry…

It’a not just one time but many times…
It’s common in tier7(3v3) and tier9(5v5)
But 3v3 is worst especially in SEA region. Or sometimes they states what role they want and end up choosing another role…

I know SEMC implemented elo lost if you dogde match but you are gonna counte trolls everywhere and it makes no different from dodging because you are gonna lose.

I know you will say, find a party, team up with people. I just can’t randomly team with people, it has to be team who i can work well with and understand their playstyle. Teaming/party is not easy lol

Why can’t semc just ban an account to those who often gets down vote or troll not just one time but many times… it removes toxicity in a way

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Because people could just down vote anyone they see and get them banned that way

It’s an issue, but there is also reporting and LPQ people can’t play in ranked. Be sure to report them as a team.

Dodging is insane problem and I prefer here/there a troll (it’s not that frequent in ranked 5vs5, mostly because LPQ and no ranked for them) instead of dodging all the time when one of the teams drafted better. Nowdays you CAN’T win the draft, the enemy will dodge asap! And as rarely the teams are even, you have 2-3 dodges before actually starting the game. Combine that with the que, slow drafting and so on… yep, you wait 30m to play 15m.

I agree with @TadashiN trolling in draft can and will cost you the match before it starts. These are people baiting a dodge by someone else and will only intensify their trolling to get others to dodge for them so they don’t get penalized…

Trolling is a very very big issue and nothing is being done against it.

Peoplecan still sell their build and run around for 20 min doing nothing and the game can’t detect that stuff…

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True (and sad as it’s basic detections…), but if the all team report a player - he gets punishment. The problem is that one-two reporting players are not enough and tbh with a good reason as there are cases when people will report for absurd reasons like - different play style that won’t suit them, “stoled” their hero, is not skilled but the matchmaker did his job “great”, the starts are aligned bad, and so on. :slight_smile:

Did we fight the other day? Were you wp idris?

Yep, you played great. On the other hand I was really mediocre and with a bad build… didn’t play WP idris in ages. :grimacing:

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You were the only one in your team who was able to put in a dent.

I was very agressive in protecting my allies.

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Thanks. Was kinda tired and made a really bad mistake to build spellsword instead to wait a little and go for SB + died a lot of times because of aggression without follow up from my allies. Oh well, could played it better. Will stay quiet about my team tho. :sweat_smile:

Sadly, this is normal occurance everyday and almost like 5 to 6 times a day…

They purposely troll so others will dodge for them without being penalized.
SEMC should implement a troll detection or voting that someone is trolling during draft match.

What region are you guys in :eyes:
I am curious


sry for the offtopic

I had a 18+ min que today because of triple dodging…
Only to land in a match where I could upvote my enemies and only one ally…

Anyone who played decently I upvote…

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Yikes… 18+ that is too long… i could have a short quick nap with that. XD