I am only good as a captain

I have checked my stats on the various VG stats websites and I have found that most of my wins have come from playing as a captain. I have only played as captain because I was forced to in a way. Maybe I am making excuses for myself but I assumed we would lose the match if there was no roam. So instead of being mad and throwing the match I just played captain. But because of this I have not gotten the chance to play lane or jungle so I assume I am just not as skilled at those roles because of what I have just explained. So my question and reason for this post is simply this: If I want to win must I only play roam?

I would like to play as a laner more often or jungle even. But I do realize in those matches I struggle more often because maybe I am not good enough to carry. I cant blame my teammates because if I was good enough I should be able to carry a match right? So it has to be my fault in some way.

A single person can rarely carry a match. It’s a team game, so you have to play as one. Don’t blame yourself for every match you lose (although equally, don’t always blame your teammates) Sometimes matchmaker f**ks you over and you get teamed against VGs, and then you just have to try your best.

Equally though, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve. You wanna carry? Pick a hero you want to learn, practice them. I’ve hit the level where I can just say"I’ll fill" every draft and as long as I don’t have to play SAW or Glaive I’ll be ok. You don’t have to be like that; you can specialise in a role. For years I was always a laner, I learned that role pretty well. (I don’t really know where I’m goin with this but whatevs)

I suppose my point is do whatever you want. Pick a role you want to specify in, use casuals to learn a bunch of heroes (start with 3 or so, make sure you have at least one WP and one CP option) for that role, and once you’re confident; Go! One last thing I’d recommend though is to be able to play at least one hero of other roles too tho, so you can do it if you are forced to.

as usual (lol) sorry for makin this so long

Thanks I appreciate your insight!

Someone like me. Yes, i’ve been playing for 3 years already and 90% of the time out of 6000+ matches, i’ve played captain. Two reasons. I couldn’t get the hang of carrying that much and i LOVE IT SO MUCH. That feeling of saving someone on 1 HP makes me trip.
That being said, i am most efficient and frightening when i play captain, but over the course of time i developed enough knowledge and mechanical skill to play ALL heroes Somewhat decently. However i tuly excell at all captains and 1-3 carry/junglers.

Final point is… don’t underestimate captains. You shouldn’t pick it because someone else didn’t and you most definitely shouldn’t view it as a " forced " role. No. CAPTAIN IS WHERE ITS AT. We are the minority and being on top of that miority is a supreme feeling. You are always in demand and you are always appreciated to be in a team.

If you don’t enjoy playing captain, do not. Even if it risks losing. Just lock your desired hero. SoloQ is hella selfish anyways.


this was my same situation 2 yrs ago
keep going captain. not only will you practice active timing, you’ll also be able to understand what NOT to do in other roles (since you’ll be judging what others do bc you gotta watch over them rite) and what you can do for captains like when ardan’s trying to escape, you could grt in his vanguard range for him to use you as an escape.
once you get the hang of at least blocking most skills (which is vital in any role) you could try jungling or laning, i suggest laning first to practice stutterstepping and then jungle for rotation
now i can flex to any role after being forced to captain (by my friends nonetheless SMH) but bc the position of items is now smaller i have more trouble with actives but it’s mostly fine.
everything in the game is about practice, if you can’t carry now, practice it when you can.

WELL, if you want to win, then YES, playing captain is the best way to do that.

Playing carry lane or Jungle is a whole different mind set, but if you’re really curious about changing roles, I would say being the Jungler is almost like being a second captain. You need to make shot calls that make or break the result of the game.

So I would try Jungler, if i was you. Then move to trying laner / carry.

Just remember each roles needs a completely different mind set. Captain is constantly positioning, looking at health bars, laying down vision, body blocking, tanking hits. and of course, Crowd Control.

Carry role is the damage dealer. So it really needs in depth knowledge of ALL abilities in the game, which can take quite a long time. Basically, lots and lots of games, so you’ll know what can kill you, how to counter, itemization. etc. Playing a carry needs you to play every hero and then see which one you like playing. You will find some easier than others, due to play style.

Jungler is different again. Jungler needs to stutter step to clear faster, kiting enemies and most importantly, Rotate to the lane, or anywhere help is needed. So the amount of MAP awareness needed is imo, even higher than the Captain role.

Just keep your mind flexible when taking on different roles and don’t get discouraged if you fail.

Do whatever you enjoy man. If you like roaming do it. If you don’t enjoy it try to carry. Even if you aren’t good you can always try to improve. But you can not do that if you don’t practice. Do not let elo control your game. You’ll lose many games but at some point you’ll notice progress and it will pay off if you’re doing what you like. Here’s an example. About a year and a half ago I couldn’t play Koshka. I’ve always preferred melee heroes to ranged and I played every melee in the game except for her. I just couldn’t and I thought she’s not my hero. But I’ve always tried to play every single hero in the game so at some point I played only Koshka exclusively. I lost so many games without any obvious progress but at some point I started doing good. Since then she’s one of my most played heroes. What I meant is if I just gave up on it because I wasn’t doing good I wouldn’t be playing her until this day and she’s honestly one of the most fun heroes for me.

On the other hand that’s just my way of seeing things. If you want to rank up fast you can play whatever you like to do it. But that is kinda the same thing. Except in this case your main source of having fun would be winning and not playing your favorite heroes. People are different and you should decide for yourself. Just do what you like.

Let me ask you this are you having fun as captain? If you are continue on that path, but if you aren’t start learning other roles and find what you like.

Imo captain is the hardest to play well and can develop some important skills for other roles. One of the biggest things is communication followed by map awareness.

My support is good. My Lane is good, but I just can’t jungle in 5v5. Luckily I’m never stuck with it.


In 5v5 I am not the best jungler either don’t worry

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Thanks for all you guys advice, I will try to take all this inconsideration when I am feeling bad for not being a good jungle or carry.

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I had the same issue. I mained roam/captain for a long time and struggled with both laning and jungling. Like you said, I’d never really been given the opportunity to play any other roles.

Personally for me, 5v5 has helped a tremendous amount. The current meta with a top, middle, bottom lane, 1 jungle, 1 roam has allowed me to play a lot of different characters. Some of which I’d never thought I’d enjoy.

I have a lot more confidence in my capabilities as a carry now. Here’s a couple suggestions on what helped me progress and expand my versatility:

1)Last hitting
-Inexperienced laners suffer a lot from lack of progression and gold as they transition into the mid and late stages of a game. Match that with an enemy hero constantly on the other side, things can get pretty spicy. It’s always good to have a higher CS score than your enemies, and until you’re getting actively involved in team fights, last hitting should be your priority.

-Before the battle begins, use your first purchases to maximise your damage output. Ex) Ringo paired with 2 weapon blades. This isn’t necessary, but assuming you’re inexperienced, this will help with clearing minion waves and making sure you get that last hit.
-Use your vision objects on places you’re most concerned about getting flanked. Vision is vital!
-Don’t overextend. The long term goal is to make more gold than your opponent. As a beginner, you should try to control the lane by looking for attempts at cleanly hitting your opponent. CLEANLY hitting. Unless you have a distinct advantage, don’t chase the bugger in hopes that you can savour a kill. Just make them feel insecure, and they’ll eventually give you your opportunity to kill them.
-Don’t be afraid to recall. If things don’t go as planned at the beginning, chances are you’ll have minimal damage done to your turret by the time you return. If you don’t want to recall, don’t be afraid to hide behind your turret. You can still last hit most of the minions. Normally, the turret will leave your smaller minions within one hit of your weapon assuming the minion is undamaged. The medium ones will take two turret hits before being within one shot. If you plan on using this tactic, try not to hit the minions beforehand. Or else this is useless.
-Practice! Building muscle memory will make last hitting simple. Eventually, it’ll become common knowledge when you need to hit a minion.

2)Positioning in team fights
-Most games last a while to the extent where you have several tier three items. AKA, the late game.

-A carry normally shouldn’t be the one to initiate a fight. Staying back and trying to pick off weaker opponents OR an opponent most of your teammates are targeting is key. As a major damage dealer, your team relies on your damage output as well as your survival. Let the captain engage, see what enemies are easiest for you to pick off, and attack while staying safe.
-Staying safe is easier said than done. There WILL be people wanting to target you. Your builds should consist of some sort of defence like a reflex block so that you can defend any attempts at putting you into a bad position. Running boots are also recommended for quick escapes. If there’s no hope, those boots can save your life, an ace, and stall your opponents.
-A lot of good positions once again come from learning and experience. I can’t tell you where to go because I have no idea where you might be when a team fight occurs. Just try to understand where your teammates and opponents are at the time of the fight. If you’re being chased, bait the enemy into a teammate. If you’re being an aggressor, try to cut off any easy escapes. Be wary of where an enemy might come from. Try to have vision around where the fight is taking place.

These are just simple things that helped me. Most people probably know about them, but I know how difficult it is to transition from a support into a carry and I personally lacked a lot of these skills. I stopped playing about a year and a half ago and came back just recently, enjoying the game more than ever. I might be a little dull on some of the terminology or current meta, so hopefully someone else can voucher that these things are necessary.

Best of luck! I’m always down to play if you need some visual experience or something.

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Captain’s one of the hardest roles to play, honestly, great that you’re actually good at it! Especially in 5v5. It’s very impactful to have a dedicated captain in your team in Solo matches.

Hold your head up high, even some pro players can’t play captain. :wink:

I understand this completely. The jungle role is the least defined and hardest to understand in 5v5.
I really dislike jungling in 5v5…