I am looking forward to magnus

I hope he’s a support mage if anything, not a healer. We don’t really need another aoe healer right now. I think we need something cool like a hero that can boost the attack and defense of his team in a given area, or even more exotic like a hero that lowers cooldown and gives energy regen to heroes in an area.

I would love to see hos abilities by something like this:

Perk: The more heroes utilizing his aoe effect, the bigger boost to him. If all 5 heroes are all utilizing his boost, the cooldown gets reduced on his aoe abilities & he gains a small regenerating barrier.

Basic attacks would be melee.

His A would be an an arcane aura that grants a lifesteal buff to nearby allies as well as himself and also passively grants a lifespring type effect if no damage is taken during a certain time before the ability. On overdrive, the aura lasts longer, and the lifespring effect starts no matter how long it’s been since you last took damage but is still canceled by damage, allowing both for quick saves and some lifespring healing even if you’ve taken dmg.

His B would be an arcane spell that when cast, designates an area around him to be zone where cooldowns were lowered for allies and ENERGY steal was applied to all abilities for him and allies against enemies, meaning that any abilities used in this area would be able to be used more frequently and also transfer. This means that enemies would be forced to play outside this area while this ability is up or risk their ability to kill being punished while your allies gained more opportunities. On overdrive this ability would slowly drain enemy hero energy in the zone regardless of whether they were hit by an ability or not.

His ult would be some kinda ray or seal that damages and raises the cooldowns of a specific hero, lowers att speed, while also slowing them. It would have a cast time. On overdrive his ult would completely silence a hero while slowing them & lower att speed drastically. The silence would last a couple seconds, same as the slows.

I think it would fit a prince to gave abilities that affect his comrades as well as himself as well as an immobalizing/attack stopping ability. He would mostly be either support or wp but you could flex to cp or health for bonuses on his ability ratios and ult kinda like lorelai. He wouldn’t be outright powerful but his abilities would help him and his team survive, sway fights, and his perk would make him an objective nuisance to remove as soon as possible late game. He wouldn’t have a lot of health but he would have ok attack and defense, enough to flex to a battle mage/paladin kinda hero like grace if need be.

But he is a carry, not a support :slight_smile: (yaaaaaay)

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Yeah I wouldn’t make him a carry unless they gave him some kinda utility ability. As much as I like samuel, his drifting dark mechanic is just kinda annoying sometimes. You rarely ever get to fully utilize it because of its speed unless you run some kinda AA build (which is really hard this path due to cratered energy requiring like 3 items to stay relevant late game this meta) (still. with a side-eye at semc with that talent). I don’t see what kinda interesting aoe they are gonna give him as a carry unless it’s vastly different than the rest. I really don’t think we needed another straight carry yet but I’ll wait and see.

We are completely opposite, what I wanted was a 100% carry. I’m tired of supports, disruptors, tanks, and all that.

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I just hope he’s not completely ranged. I’ve been dying for a proper sword mage and a prince would be proper for that.

What I said, completely opposite. I want him to be ranged :slight_smile:

Ugh but all our cp aa mages are kinda niche and can’t really fill a magical bruiser role without some kinda convoluted mechanism for the hero. I just want one hero that can hack and slash with AA’s that also has abilities that facilitate that or simply to blow people up with abilities from afar while having a melee range basic attack. You want what you want too, I suppose. I mean I don’t mind another ranged aoe carry but we already have those in some form. We don’t have bf with aoe magic spells. And we don’t have proper offensive supports either.

Technically reim and baptiste. Fortress is an offensive support though.

Eh, Reims abilities are more for snaring than blowing up and don’t particularly complement NOT playing at range, while his melee range kinda sucks. Baptiste is the same way except you can make him wp and abilities on their own or cp with aa and he still doesn’t have a blow things up kit. Reza and anka are closer and they still don’t have range attack as the focus of their abilities supported by melee, they’re closer to meleers due to their gapclosers. Just want one hero that can buff his AA’s like tony but cp or who can do a samuel like ult and pounce on the enemy with basics or a proper cp cath like hero build to be cp or melee.

So much patch reveals but none are Magnus’ abilities :koshkaeyeroll:


His kit seems pretty cool.