I am looking forward to magnus

Possiblily might be the only male hero in vainglory I might possibiliy like.

And he is cute too. So… i am whipped

Curious, why you no like the other guys?

Ugly and they have boring kits.

We don’t even have an inkling as to what the abilities are. They could still be boring.

I need a way to flag unnecessarily negative posts, I think. Because this is an example of one.

Why post something like this unless your goal is to dampen @TadashiN’s enthusiasm for the new hero?

So, what kind of kit would you envision for Magnus that would be more interesting to you? I don’t have anything specific in mind myself, but I’ve started playing mages exclusively these days, so I’m pretty interested in him also.

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I think it’ fine.
No harm done…

From his splash art. I think he a zone control mage. Like lyra or lorelai… samual drifting B… somewhere along that line. I love hero with zone controlling abilities.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I’m hoping for too – my current favorite mage in AoV (Lauriel) has a kit that I find so much fun to play: her ult creates a zone in which the cooldowns for her other abilities (a ranged attack and a dash/attack combo) are reduced. I’d be all over something like that in VG.

fite me :triumph: :triumph: :rage:

Sounds like an interesting kit… but i hope they really give him his own unique abilties. Maybe, a zone control that traps the team. Or deflecting their abilities back to them…


How about a zone/bubble he can cast around the enemy team that traps their own abilities inside, doing damage to anyone trapped inside it?

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Sounds cunning… maybe that! Or trap them in void for few secs. Or similar to reza ult. He can globally appear from the shadow pulling them to his desired location

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Was thinking about the other males in vg and yea I see that, only Sam(more so his skins), Yates and Ringos Mchanzo love child skin look hot. Magnus looking like Ezra is great and magic is a bonus

Oh right… i forgot samual… he is my favourite male hero in vainglory actually. Because of his kit… magnus is 2nd

He is similar to Samuel in theory, so I don’t need to know more, I like it.

I am excited for Magnus because i enjoy mages and he looks nice which is one of the most important factors. He will rise above all my other almost mains and be the end, hopefully. if not i’ll Just leave…

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30 characters…

Hes going to be an AoE hero. And based from bis splashart, one of his abilities is going to place a huge arcane sized circle on the floor.

@hazeleyes I have the feeling that the circle will have some effects to his other abilities like Lauriel



Maybe… healing ability? I don’t know but just saying? :man_shrugging: