I am annoyed

My team consist of Adagio who wanted top lane.
Me cath as support.
Gwen bot
Baron mid
And grace as jungler.

Their team, lyra, fortress, rona, sam and vox.

Baron keeps getting killed by samuel. And vox was obviously dominating against adagio when adagio built was this…

Mind editing the pic? We try to avoid player-shaming here. :vgcheersx2: Alternatively, you could just list the items, even.

Maybe this was just a miscommunication? I know there used to a problem with the role-indicator where you couldn’t swap after you’ve picked, or it would kind of glitch with doubles or something?

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Nope, that user clearly stated what role he wanted

If only that build wasn’t viable…

Adagio’s build is almost the meta build though. He could have gotten WT instead of chargers and he must have bought armor but his besides that his build is good.

The build he uses is to survive as long as possible and boost his healing to the max.

I despise builds like that but it isn’t necessarily bad.

He is a team healer lategame this way. His damage will be negible though especially with the SC nerfs. I would have wanted to see a clockwork or Echo on him though.

Your heavy prism on cath is much weirder than Adagios build… Aftershock ok, Clockwork fine… But raw CP doesn’t work for Cath like it works for Lyra Grace Lance Lorelai or Adagio…

Here is how I build cath. (Also poa silver) with and against Vainglorious people and getting upvoted by them.


I was building aftershock… and clockwork for late game we died early. So…

Yeah but… there is no single cp or wp… to push the lane… sigh

You had a heavy prism which can’t build into either of those…


Lol it’s funny because that build was meta on Adagio

Yeah it’s not a terrible build, as top lane he is there to “survive” he isn’t there to push lanes… personally I’m. It building the fountain of oprefee more offence, doesn’t make it bad though.


He has SC for that? Also this is exactly why the build and Adagio himself are/were (VG pissed me off so hard I haven’t played last 1-2 weeks much) meta. He is a laner doesn’t mean he’s DPS. He’s a support. It was/is meta because he can out trade enemy bot without offense early, outsustain or at least survive mid game and his heals are a game changer late game. Literally had games where I just sticked to the best carry I had and duo carried because A heals for about 40-60% on 5 sec CD or something and you never die. You don’t always need damage or 4 carries to win a game or a lane. And actually more tanks is much better than all squishy. Sadly not many people realize that. Even if you win 3 lanes you’d have no team fight power later on when you have 4 ranged laners and Lyra. Unless you finish in 9 min of course but still very very unlikely.


Really? Let me check??? I swear i was build aftershock and clockwork… i think i was suppose.to buy something else after buying crystal bits. Yikes.

Please remove that cancer link before I click on it a 3rd time

Memecrown nice.

What was the adagio trying to accomplish?

Win/stop pressure in his lane and support his team?

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