Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Botw .5)

How dare they use the backstory from Botw as the plot for this game. Anyways I played the Fire Emblem version of this sort of genre games but wasnt really captured by it.

Although the story is enticing, since it further dwells on what happened before botw.


I feel like we’ll get a teaser update for Botw 2 during November for 2021 and thats a little sad. #hatecovid

Also this game would mean seeing Zelda being alone with sealing Ganon away for thousands of years and watching Link being wounded badly AGAIN… Yay.

It’s cool that they’re doing more with the backstory of botw, tho this isn’t something I’m going to get, so I’ll just watch/read about the story of it. I’ve played the first hyrule warriors and I just prefer this gameplay in samurai warriors over it being mashed together in the Zelda world

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breath of the wild was the first non-mobile videogame i played so I am super excited for this. the characters of urbosa and zelda were already amazingly fleshed out to me in breath of the wild and it made me sad that I wouldn’t get to know any more about them (unless playable zelda in botw 2??) this game looks like a lot of fun to me I will be excited to get to know the characters more


Are the other Zelda games as good as BotW? Because, dang, BotW is one of the best videogames I’ve ever played on any platform.

Was gonna talk about the other Zelda games on switch but now I’m questioning did you wanna know just about other Zelda games in general or the first hyrule warrior game?

I really don’t know – BotW is the first (and so far only) Zelda game I’ve played – I actually bought the Switch in order to play it. I really know nothing about the rest of the games or the story except as I learned through BotW.

Oh ok, just wasn’t sure which Zelda you wanted to know about. I’ve written quite a bit but I’m hoping this is helpful to what you wanted to know. I feel like I’ve gotten carried away with this and there’s some maybe spoilers but I’d really only say what I said about botw is a spoiler if you haven’t yet gone through that story.

Zelda game in general

Gameplay wise they can and do change quite a bit between some of them like touch controls for everything like moving and attacking in the ds Zelda games like “Zelda spirit tracks”, to then motion controls for various things like to swing a sword or using a grapple in “skyward sword” on the Wii/Wii U. There are also the ones that are more like the classic top down view Zelda like “links awakening” so combat is from a different view now too. The combat in botw is similar to some like “ocarina of time”, “wind waker” and “twilight princess“ with some differences of course like in botw you can use weapons you’ve picked from enemies with isn’t possible in “ocarina of time”.
Also most are more linear than botw where you have to go to this temple/dungeon/area first to then be able to access the next and so on.

Story wise it’s quite different with some being the fight against ganon in a different time but with a different setup/problem like in “Zelda twilight princess” this realm called the twilight realm giving way to evil that is coming into hyrule, while botw is calamity ganon trying to take over hyrule but is being held sealed in the castle by Zelda. Others more different like “Majoras mask” being quite a different story involving time travel and no ganon/Zelda in them really, or “links awakening“ that also has no Zelda/ganon.

Most are quite good but quite different from botw so if you do go playing any even the others currently available on switch they won’t be much like botw gameplay and not the exact same story like no champions, maybe no Zelda/ganon.

Also stuff like cooking in botw isn’t a thing in others, durability of weapons/shields/bows I think is also new in botw, the amount of clothes you can get and how they have various different bonuses is new in botw, as well as other various things I’m forgetting like shrines and that sort of leveling up system it has.

Zelda games on the switch

As for Zelda games on switch, there are 3 of the classic ones in the snes collection then there’s 2 others made for the switch.
I don’t really know the old ones from snes era much, so can’t really say much on them.

“Cadence of hyrule” which is a spin off of the Zelda series and is a rhythm based adventure game made by those who made crypt of the necrodancer so if you’ve played that game you will know how cadence of hyrule plays, story wise I haven’t played it so don’t know much beyond that.

Then there’s “links awakening” which is more linear than botw and done in a more cute style. It’s also a remake. Links awakening is a fun little story, it’s a story in which you wash up on a mysterious island and need to escape but there’s only one way off which requires you to gather special instruments to do so. It can be done rather quickly compared to other Zelda games but it’s still nice adventure to experience with its new style.