Hybrid Lyra, no defense items needed

just a build based on mood, but worked out very well.


I have been finding success in no defense builds ever since defense nerf


Defense still works but 1) it’s more of a saving your skin tactic unless you stack defense and 2) you have to choose which defense is better for your hero much more carefully now. Gone are the days when you could just slap something on and be fine with it. Also, health defense items have gained renewed importance, although AS often negates that, so mages make the most of them. Again, an example of more strategy being needed when picking defense.

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I bet you had to be extremely slow. Otherwise, it seems pretty viable. I would say that BM could be swapped, if they werent building against you, for either SG or AS. I may try that sometime. looks like fun.

Ehm healing does not stack… So PS+Eve is damage loss…

Healing doesn’t stack. Replace PS with TT, with that build

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honestly, the cp you get in your kit seems low, ac, bm, and eve are, in my opinion, “secondary items”, meaning you build them to support your other stats (atk speed, pierce, and hp steal respectively), but you need to have a high stat giving item to make it work like de, sg

but you know if it worked you do you i guess

I wouldn’t call AC secondary. I usually rush it on Vox

but would you rush it on others? yes, it’s staple for vox, and eve is a staple for ozo and reim, but that’s because it synergizes with their kits.
you can argue that cp lyra would need ac, but this current build would give you just below 200cp (around 195 i think?), ac + de gives 145 without stacks, you get over 200 with just 5 stacks.
note, i used stats from vgfire so i could be wrong.

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When ai say health I mean SH or crucible or boots, etc., not lifesteal, because that’s another story